Three pulled to safety after boat starts shipping water

TOWN OF VERONA — Three men were pulled to safety after their boat started taking on water on Oneida Lake near the Erie Canal Sunday.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues into the fatal boating accident that claimed three lives late last week.

Sheriff’s deputies said John Ready, 48, of Oneida, was operating a 22-foot Four Winns vessel near the lighthouse at about 12:30 p.m. Sunday when the boat struck an unknown object under the water. The boat became stuck on the object and began to sink. Ready and his two passengers called 9-1-1 for help.

The Sylvan Beach Fire Department’s water rescue team responded and pulled Ready to safety, along with passengers Henry Leo, 48, of Verona, and Pauline Ingraham, 44, of Verona, authorities said. They were not injured.

The Sheriff’s Marine Patrol responded to the scene and wants to warn all boaters that there is a capsized vessel now sitting at the bottom of about eight to 10 feet of water near the Barge Canal. They also warn that there are submerged logs and stumps on the eastern end of the lake.

"People should gauge their experience on the water on what the conditions on the lake are," said Undersheriff Robert S. Swenskowski. "That lake can be unpredictable."

Meanwhile, the undersheriff said the department is still investigating the deaths of three boaters on Oneida Lake Thursday night.

Anthony Aceto, age 66, of Utica, and his three adult sons were riding a powerboat towards Sylvan Beach at about 10:15 p.m. when the boat hit a lighted buoy near Messenger Shoal, about five miles west of the beach. The boat flipped and threw all four men into the water. One of the sons, Anthony J. Aceto, was pulled to safety by a second boat, while the elder Aceto and two other sons drowned. Their bodies were recovered the next morning.

"They’ve got the boat up and they’re going to talk to the people who were in the other boat," explained Swenskowski. "I don’t know if the hull was compromised or what."

The undersheriff said investigators are still examining the boat after it was raised from the bottom of the lake on Saturday. They also plan to interview the surviving son.