Troop 44 honors scouts with rank of Eagle

EAGLES FOR LIFE— On June 1, at the Lee American Legion, Boy Scout Troop 44 honored new Eagle Scouts. From left: Karl Wilhelmsen, Jake Palmer, Greg Maolowicki, Michael Tamburrino and Kyle Coia.

EAGLE AWARD — On July 16, 2011, at the Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, Zebadiah Martin was honored with the rank of Eagle Scout. With him is his father, Jon Martin, left, and Troop 44 Scoutmaster John Malowicki pinning on the Eagle Award.

TOWN OF LEE — In less than a year, Troop 44 has held two triple Eagle Scout ceremonies.

Greg Malowicki, Jake Palmer and Michael Tamburrino were presented the Boy Scouts’ highest award — Eagle Scout — June 1 at the Lee Legion.

Gregory Malowicki, son of John and Sheri Malowicki of the Town of Lee, and Jacob Palmer, son of Stephen and Judy Palmer of the Town of Lee, teamed up to revitalize the Lee Town Cemetery.

Malowicki’s project was to clean the first four rows of headstones, which involved researching and testing cleaning agents that would effectively clean without degrading the aging stones. He also repaired the cemetery sign and created a directory. He will attend SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse in the fall.

Palmer constructed a fence to separate the cemetery from the residential houses on the north side of the cemetery. His project involved determining the property line, securing the material and coordinating family and friends to assemble and install 17 sections of fencing. He plans to attend a trade school while working in the fall.

Both scouts earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scout Pack 44 before joining Troop 44 in 2004.

Tamburrino, son of Larry and Kim Tamburrino of Rome, renovated the bingo hall of the Lake Delta Volunteer Fire Department. The large hall was scraped, spackled and painted. New floor molding was also installed. He was able to save the auxiliary expenses by getting paint and supplies donated by stores in the community. Tamburrino earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scout Pack 4 before joining Troop 44 in 2005. He will attend the University of Rochester in the fall.

Last July, Troop 44 held a triple Eagle Ceremony at the Delta Lake Bible Conference Center recognizing the achievements of Karl Wilhelmsen, Zebadiah Martin and Kyle Coia.

Wilhelmsen, son of Tami and Joseph Cantarano of Rome and John Wilhelmsen of the Town of Lee Center, chose to renovate the playground at his church, the Immanuel Baptist Church on West Embargo Street. He noticed that the children in the neighborhood and the congregation no longer used the playground because of its dilapidated condition. With the help of his troop, family and friends, he removed the structure and created a new base for the playground with edging and fresh mulch. The swingset was then sanded, primed and painted and the hardware was reinforced or replaced. He belonged to Cub Scout Pack 44 before joining Troop 44 in 2005. He is attending SUNY ESF.

Martin, son of Jon and Debra Martin of Rome, performed his Eagle Project for the Delta Like Bible Conference Center by creating educational identification signs for the trees on the property. The signs include the origin, history, industrial uses for the wood and how the tree might be useful in a survival situation. He earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light in Pack 44 before joining Troop 44 in 2005. He is enlisted in the Navy, studying to become a naval chaplain.

Coia, son of Gary and Sherri Coia of Rome, provided the landscaping for the Francis Bellamy Gravesite as part of the Rome Elk’s Lodge renovation project of the historic monument for a re-dedication ceremony on Flag Day, June 14, 2009. He built two flower boxes, planted shrubs and flowers to showcase the newly installed kiosks. He also installed edging and flowers along the new sidewalk leading to the monument. He earned his Arrow of Light with Pack 4 before joining Troop 44 in 2005. He will be a senior at Rome Free Academy in the fall.

The first triple Eagle Ceremony for Troop 44 was held in June 2009 at the Lee Town Hall where Jacob Meyers, Michael Engelbrecht and William Olney III were honored with the rank of Eagle.

Troop 44 is sponsored by the Lee Legion American Legion Post. The Troop had been inactive from 2001­2004 and was brought back to life under the leadership of Scoutmaster Scott Grosso and Assistant Scoutmasters John Malowicki, Pat Martin, Larry Tamburrino and Judy and Stephen Palmer. From 2007-2012, Scoutmaster John Malowicki pinned 10 Eagle Scouts, including the first of the nest, Jonathan Martin in June 2008. The Troop is under the leadership of Scoutmaster Thomas Larkin III and Assistants Ned Ferris, Don Bailer, Greg Hatzinger, Judy Palmer, Sherri Coia, Ken Puchalski and Michael Pocchiari.

The Eagle Scout is the highest honor of Boy Scouts. To find out more about Boy Scouts, Venturing (co-ed), Cub Scouts or to join a Troop, Crew or Pack, contact the Revolutionary Trails Council Office at 735-4437 or visit