By Pastor Ron Colangelo Light and Life Community Church, 317 W. Embargo St.

In an age such as ours, where progress is almost worshipped, the concept of being still or waiting around for an answer to prayer isn’t a revered idea, nor is it an easy feat. In fact, history teaches us that as humans we are bent towards activity. Our propensity is to see movement and action. Answers now! Results now!

Case in point, when God delayed the coming of their promised child, Sarah chose to rely on the only remedy for barrenness that she knew ­ she gave her handmaiden to Abraham (Genesis 16:1-3). She probably thought to herself, "Surely God helps those who help themselves." Unfortunately, the repercussions of her decision to act out of season are still being seen and felt today. Just check the headlines of most any newspaper or tune in on any nightly news broadcast.

The truth is that while stillness does not necessarily mean inaction, it does mean waiting attentively on God. It means waiting assuredly, knowing that God is working behind the scenes for your good.

I remember one Christmas vacation with my three sons. We were guests of Rev. Ruby Ann Darling in the Bahamas. I remember the aqua blue ocean and how quiet it seemed. But the fact is, at times there were no ripples or waves, just pristine stillness and picture perfect calm, but that was just on the surface; if you were to plunge to the hidden reaches and you would find that there were currents that churned deep below, powerful enough to crush the human body. So it is that when God asks us to be still, He is referring to our posture: the posture of waiting; not becoming agitated and frustrated, murmuring and worrying, but waiting. And not just waiting nonchalantly, but waiting purposefully, waiting victoriously because the end result is already assured. In return, as we wait and rest securely in His God-ness, He will work mightily beneath the surface of our situation, silently orchestrating our victory.

Maybe you are waiting for a relationship to turn around? Maybe you are waiting for a prodigal son to return? Maybe you are waiting for test results to give you a clean bill of health, or for your pain to leave your body? Maybe you are waiting for God’s hand to move a certain situation that keeps you awake at night? Maybe you are patiently waiting for a close family member to recover from some illness?

Having just celebrated "Independence Day", maybe you have a loved one who is proudly serving in the military and are worried about them. Maybe it’s your husband, wife, son, daughter, in-laws, love, boss, job or money or the lack of either.

There are some who may be going through severe testing, for whom the strategy of the season is to be still. You may be praying fervently for an answer, for some indication that this season of testing is coming to an end. God wants you to be still and know (that means to have an unwavering understanding that courses from the recesses of your mind to the far reaches of your spirit) that He, and only He, is God.

Proverbs 11:9 declares that "By knowledge the righteous are delivered." Therefore, knowing who God is and understanding the mighty expanse of His power will keep your heart secure during your time of stillness.

Whatever your situation is, know that Almighty God is in control. So take your hands off the wheel and let Him drive your life. He knows where to go and how to get there.

He is God and that means everything is within His power. He is God and that means He is able to bring you out of your adversity. He is God and that means He is able to bring you into your promised place of destiny. He is God and that means He’s got you covered. Therefore, be still.

If you do not know God and His comfort and great love for you or just want to know more, please call me at 709-1001. I will meet privately with you and explain step by step and give you all of the many benefits of being a child of God. I am not asking you to join a church so you don’t have to worry about being badgered.

For those of you who know God but want to re-dedicate your life again to Him, please call.

May God richly bless and keep you always. I’ll be waiting for your call.