Rev. Tom Hast Bartlett Baptist Church, 5639 Bartlett Road

School is out. Graduations are completed. Let summer begin! It is vacation time.

One thing you never here in this area during the summer is: "There’s nothing to do." From the Boilermaker race to Honor America Days, there are events most every summer day. We have many beautiful parks to visit, trails to hike, streams to cross, and fish to catch. It is if the whole area is trying to cram one year of living into two short months.

Most of us will take at lest a week or two of vacation. For some, it will be just a backyard time to relax. Others will use this opportunity to visit other parts of our great nation or to see far off friends and family. Some will even cruise the ocean or fly to far off lands. We need this time to relax, rejuvenate, and refocus.

Vacations are good. But what is even better is that God never takes a vacation. The Psalmist said: "(God) never slumbers or sleeps." God is there for us every day, every minute, every second. But while God never takes a vacation from us, all too often we take a vacation from God. We may call upon Him in times of trouble, but neglect Him when we think we can do it on our own.

So this summer don’t take a vacation from God; take a vacation to God! Visit Him through a time of prayer. Travel through His majestic words given to you in the Holy Bible. Instead of skipping church, make a point of attending. When at a beautiful park, give thanks to its and your Creator. When visiting family, remember you are part of His family. Share the love of Jesus and help family members find their own place in Christ’s kingdom.

Have a happy and blessed vacation!