By STEVE JONES Staff writer

REPAIRS WANTED — The state Canal Corp. terminal building at Bellamy Harbor Park could get a major facelift if the city can obtain state money to renovate it. It’s part of the city’s overall goal of major park improvements. The Board of Estimate and Contract Thursday approved spending $8,000 on a study of what would be needed for repairs at the site. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

The city wants to renovate the state’s terminal building along the docks at Bellamy Harbor Park, and is getting started with an $8,000 engineering study to determine what needs to be done there.

The Board of Estimate approved spending $8,000 with Hogan Engineering of Rome for engineering services related to rehabilitation of the canal waterfront building at Bellamy Harbor Park. The New York State Canal Corp. owns the 42-by-200-foot building, which was built in 1917.

The city has been working with the agency to secure use of the building, likely in the form of a long-term lease. Commissioner Brian U. Stratton came to Rome in 2011 to review the redevelopment plan along the waterfront, and indicated his interest in working with the city on the terminal building.

The Hogan study will allow the city to plan for complete rehabilitation, focusing on exterior work. The city intends to seek Canal Corp. funding to do the work. The plan is modeled after a similar project in Little Falls, where the state did its own $2 million rehabilitation on the terminal building there.

The Rome plan is a three- to four-year project costing at least $2 million to redevelop the entire building, make bulkhead repairs, make landscaping upgrades and do paving work. The first phase is the building repairs. If the city can get the state to fund the work, it would begin as soon as the money is available.

The gray, windowless building is used by the state for storage of canal maintenance equipment.

Conversations starting in 2011 between the city and the state resulted in an agreement from the Canal Corp. to allow the city to use about half the building, though no specifics have been detailed. The city has advocated using the space for such things as water sports support businesses like kayak rentals.