Man who robbed night deposit sought in Yorkville

YORKVILLE — A tall, black male with a scruffy beard is wanted in the armed robbery of the McDonald’s night deposit on Oriskany Boulevard Friday night.

Law enforcers said the thief jumped the night manager in the parking lot and stuck a handgun in his back.

"One of the managers who was going to make the night deposit, he was going to his car," explained Officer-in-Charge Michael Maxam. "The victim said that he felt like he stuck something in his back."

Police said the thief stole the deposit bag shortly after 9 p.m. and fled west, ducking behind the nearby Vista Lanes bowling alley. Maxam said police found the empty deposit bag and a .22-caliber handgun nearby.

"Not the money, the money’s gone. But we did find the deposit bag," Maxam stated. "He got what he wanted, he got the money."

The total amount stolen is still being calculated, Maxam said. He declined to comment on whether or not the handgun was loaded. Police are trying to determine where the handgun came from.

Maxam said police are also investigating whether or not the thief worked at the McDonald’s, considering he seemed to know when and where to steal the night deposit.

"We’re looking into that, it’s still under investigation," Maxam said.

The thief is believed to have loitered in the McDonald’s parking lot from about 8:30 p.m., waiting for the manager. Police said he may have been talking on a cell phone, or appeared to be, while standing near the east side main entrance, on the same side as the neighboring Taco Bell.

Police said the black male is about 6-feet-tall with scruffy facial hair. He wore a black shirt, baggy blue jeans, and a black baseball cap. The thief was not wearing a mask.

Anyone with information about the robbery or who may have seen the robber loitering around the McDonald’s is asked to call the Yorkville Police at 736-8331. All calls will be kept confidential.