Restaurants aid military rehab program at Sitrin

NEW HARTFORD — Mac-Clark Restaurants will support the Sitrin Health Care Center’s new Military Rehabilitation Program with a unique promotion June 14 through July 4.

For a donation of $1, patrons can place their name on a pin up that will be displayed at one of the 16 McDonald’s Restaurants owned by Harold Tom Clark, president and owner/operator of Mac-Clark Restaurants.

Sitrin recently implemented a new Military Rehabilitation Program for injured service members and veterans. Sitrin also plans to build a lodge/medical treatment center at Camp Sitrin, which will house specialized programs to help wounded warriors recover from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, traumatic amputation, depression, substance abuse and other combat-related trauma, as well as provide services for their families. Year-round adaptive sports opportunities will also be available to help the healing process.

Sitrin President and CEO Richard Wilson said, "This campaign will not only raise much-needed funds, it will also increase awareness about Sitrin’s efforts to help wounded warriors in need across the country."

The pin-ups will be available at McDonald’s Restaurants in Rome, Oneida and the area.