Three charged with daylight burglary on Amherst Drive

Three men have been charged with a daylight burglary to a garage on Amherst Drive Tuesday evening after they were caught red-handed by one of the residents.

Shawn M. Tennant, 24, of 3537 Oswego Road, Edward J. Williamson, 38, and Seth R. Desjardins, 19, both of 2796 Poppleton Road, Durhamville, were all taken into custody after they tried to flee the residence, according to Detective Commander Timothy J. Bates. They were found in the garage by the female resident, who was home with her child at 7:46 p.m.

"When she entered the garage, she encountered two men inside the garage," Bates explained. The woman had simply wanted to get an item from the attached garage, and instead found two men inside with their arms full of her property, he stated.

"She yelled at the males, asked them what they were doing. They dropped some of the items and ran from the garage," Bates said.

The two men jumped into a pickup truck that had been parked down the street. Amherst Drive is located off Laurel Street. Bates said a third man was waiting behind wheel, and the three men took off in their truck.

The woman called 9-1-1 and was not only able to provide police with a description of the vehicle, but she’d also copied down the license plate. Bates said the trio were soon pulled over on Erie Boulevard West near Gifford Road.

Tennant, Williamson and Desjardins are all charged with one count of second-degree burglary, Bates said. They were held in lockup overnight to await arraignment this morning in City Court.

"We are investigating to see if they are involved in any other recent incidents," Bates said.