Food service inspections

Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are health department ratings after recent inspections:


Restaurant conditions were found unsatisfactory.

TAM’S DINER, Route 12, Remsen, April 16: Potentially hazardous foods are not kept at or below 45 degrees during cold holding. Lemon meringue, coconut cream and other pies in the pie cooler were found to be 52 degrees — corrected. The thermometer in the pie cooler was not used to evaluate refrigerated storage temperatures. The sandwich area cooler has a broken thermometer, peppers in the cooler were 44 degrees. The large refrigerator in the kitchen is missing a thermometer, chili in the unit was 44 degrees. The wire shelves in the tall kitchen refrigerator are rusty and need to be replaced. Aluminum foil is used to line the area above the stove and below the griddle. The rubber mats on the bottom of the pie cooler need to be cleaned. The sides of the fryers, the oven and the entire area surrounding this equipment needs to be cleaned. The ventilation hoods and the area around the hoods need to be cleaned. Fluorescent lights in the kitchen are not shielded.

BRYAN’S, 32 Chenango Ave., Clinton, April 17: Operating without a valid permit. Valid permit not on display.

HOLY CROSS ACADEMY, 4020 Barrington Road, Oneida, April 24: Operating without a valid permit.


The following restaurants were previously found unsatisfactory. A reinspection was recently completed.

TAM’S DINER, Route 12, Remsen, May 2: OK. Wire racks for the large kitchen refrigerator on order.


The following establishments were in substantial compliance with sanitary code. However, some violations were noted.

RIVERSIDE DINER, 9663 River Road, Marcy, April 23: Plates of sliced cheese are stored next to eggs in the cooler behind the counter and next to the griddle — corrected. Eggs are stored above a bin of salad in the sandwich cooler located in the kitchen — corrected. Box of eggs stored on the bottom of the refrigerator, in the back of the facility, is next to cheese and other prepared foods — corrected. The cooler next to the griddle, behind the counter, is missing a thermometer. The external thermometer of the refrigerator in the back of the facility is broken and is reading 30 degrees. Actual temperature 40 degrees. Operating without a valid permit, valid permit not on display — corrected.

VFW OF THE US VERONA POST #68, 4929 Spring Road, Verona, May 1: Accurate thermometer not available to evaluate refrigerated temperatures upstairs.

RIVER ROAD HEAD START, 9882 River Road, Utica, May 2: Canned goods in poor condition. Can of marinara sauce found with severe dent in rim — corrected. Removed can from shelf.

VALLEY VIEW CAFE, 620 Memorial Parkway, Utica, April 27: Accurate thermometer missing in cooler with potentially hazardous foods.

GINGERBREAD BAKESHOP, 3991 Oneida St., New Hartford, April 10: A box of foam cups near the roll-up door in the bakery area is stored on the floor. Bathroom in the middle room of the facility is missing single service towels or hand drying devices. Bathroom in the bakery area is missing soap and single service towels or hand drying devices, sink area in this bathroom needs to be cleaned.

MICROTEL INN & SUITES, 5118 Route 365, Verona, April 11: The black refrigerator in the breakfast serving area that is used to store milk was found to be 51 degrees. The refrigerator was empty at the time of inspection, but was used earlier in the morning — corrected. The refrigerator will no longer be used and a new refrigerator will be purchased. The kitchen hand washing sink is missing soap.

CALVARY HEAD START, 308 South St., Utica, April 16: Canned goods in poor condition. Large can of apricot halves and sliced pears found dented — corrected. Removed cans from shelf.

JOE’S PIZZA, 117 Main St., Whitesboro, April 19: Partially cooked chicken wings are stored on the counter to be cooked fully upon order. The wings were on the counter for 30 minutes to 1 hour — corrected. All wings were immediately discarded in the garbage.

BUFFALO HEAD RESTAURANT, 10626 N. Lake Road, Forestport, April 4: Unfrozen raw pork stored over ice cream in walk-in cooler/freezer — corrected. Pork moved below ice cream. Thermometer in refrigerator near cooking station not accurate.

JAK’S BAR & GRILL, 120 Mappa Ave., Barneveld, April 4: Floor not smooth and cleanable. Cardboard on floor and underneath fryers — corrected by removing.

HOTEL MOORE, 113 Mappa Ave., Barneveld, April 4: Non-food contact surfaces of equipment not clean. Grease build-up on outside surfaces of microwaves.


SEASON’S CAFE, 12228 Route 28, Woodgate, April 4.

GARRAMONE’S RESTAURANT, 11770 O’Brien Road, Forestport, April 9.

DOMENICO’S GOLF COURSE, 13 Church Road, Whitestown, April 18.

AMERICAN LEGION 232, Route 12-B, Clinton, April 24.

HERON CREEK GOLF COURSE, 151 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, April 30.

WIG WAM TAVERN, 10961 Route 28, Forestport, May 2.

BLUE ANCHOR, 12221 Route 28, Deerfield, May 2.

NICKY DOODLES, 51 N. Genesee St., Utica, April 25.


MADISON-ONEIDA BOCES CULINARY ARTS, 4937 Spring Road, Verona, May 1.

NICKY DOODLES, INC., 4971 Route 365, Verona, May 1.

NOTRE DAME ELEMENTARY, 11 Barton Ave., Utica, May 2.

NORTH UTICA SENIOR COMMUNITY CENTER, 50 Riverside Drive, Utica, May 2.


NOTHING FANCY ADDITION, 14 Ruth St., Vernon, April 24.


DANIELE AT VALLEY VIEW, 620 Memorial Parkway, Utica, April 27.

AQUA VINO RESTAURANT, 16 Harbor Lock Road, Utica, April 27.

THE TAILOR & THE COOK, 94 Genesee St., Utica, April 27.

CLUB TOXIC, 807 Broad St., Utica, April 27.

AMERICAN LEGION #230, 168 E. Seneca St., Sherrill, April 13.

DOMINO’S PIZZA, 2427 Chenango Road, Utica, April 9.

KNOCKOUT PIZZERIA, 904 Eagle St., Utica, April 13.

CORNERSTONE HEAD START, 1100 Miller St., Utica, April 16.

KRATZY’S BAR & GRILL, 10169 Route 28, Alder Creek, April 4.


BOONVILLE SENIOR CENTER, 105 Ann St., Boonville, April 4.

VFW POST 5538 HARLAND HENNESSEY POST, 108 Park Ave., Boonville, April 4.