Photonics firm to expand

VERNON — The Oneida County Industrial Development Agency has given final approval to incentives to boost plans of Universal Photonics-JH Rhodes to expand in a new location.

The package approved May 18 includes: 15-year decreasing partial tax break, with an estimated savings of $291,637; Mortgage recording tax exemption, a savings of $10,000; and sales tax exemption, a savings of $52,500.

Photonics has settled on an empty building at 10 Ward St. for its new home. It is now located at 3683 Route 12B, Clinton. The current location did not allow the space for expansion.

The company looked both in and out of New York before deciding to stay in Oneida County. Sites in New Jersey and South Carolina were among the finalists

Cost of the project, including building purchase, renovations, and furnishings and equipment, is in the range of $4.1 million. The project is expected to add 20 positions to the company’s 55-person workforce.

The business produces polishing pads for use in the glass, memory disk, silicon wafer and integrated circuit production processes.