Hospital needs volunteers for non-clinical tasks

Volunteers are welcome to join Rome Memorial Hospital’s dedication to quality care. If you’re interested you can call Volunteer Coordinator Julie Chrysler at 338-7134 or email

At Rome Memorial Hospital, volunteers "play a crucial role in extending the capabilities of hospital staff," hospital officials said. From clinical tasks, to serving lunch in the hospital’s snack bar, to assisting patients and visitors, volunteers help put the face of the community on the community hospital.

New volunteers are always welcome at Rome Memorial Hospital. By donating just a few hours of time each week, volunteers make "a priceless contribution to the smooth operation of the hospital in many ways."

"Volunteers are considered part of the non-clinical staff and are not used in place of paid health care workers," said Julie Chrysler volunteer coordinator and community health educator for Rome Memorial Hospital. "Offering their time is a great contribution to the caring aspect of the hospital."

From high school students to adults, there are volunteer opportunities available for people of different ages and abilities, Chrysler said. Some volunteers come in to the hospital on a regular basis; some prefer to be on call when a need arises. Volunteers can offer their help anytime from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

Chrysler said that although help with clerical paper work is always appreciated, patient hospitality is now the major focus of volunteer activity at the hospital. Volunteers are needed to help greet and direct patients to different services in the hospital. Waiting tables in the hospital’s snack bar is another area where volunteers are needed. In the emergency department, volunteers man the hospitality cart offering reading materials and snacks, and also check on patients and family members to keep them informed while they wait. Volunteers may guide families of patients to waiting areas or the hospital cafeteria. There may even be the need for volunteer help at hospital functions at times.

For high school students planning to enter college, volunteer time on a resume may be the something extra for a college acceptance. Most colleges and universities are looking for students who donate their time in volunteer efforts, and for those who are interested in a career in healthcare, many schools look for those who have volunteered in a medical setting. Chrysler said this may be a requirement for some college programs.