Hospital’s volunteer coordinator president of state association

Julie Chrysler

Julie Chrysler, volunteer coordinator and community health educator for Rome Memorial Hospital, has been named president of the New York State Association of Volunteer Services Administrators, Inc. (NYSAVSA). She will serve a two year term through 2014.

"I was so honored that they asked me to lead this group," Chrysler said. "The people in this organization are so positive. We are all of the same mindset that there has to be more we can do to promote volunteerism and to find new ways that volunteers can contribute to the organizations they serve."

NYSAVSA began as an association for directors of volunteer services in the healthcare industry only. Today it includes other organizations that depend on volunteers to help them continue their missions of care and education. The state association meets four times a year, including its annual conference.

The most important aspect of NYSAVSA for Chrysler is the networking opportunities. "It helps to talk with other people who are also organizing volunteers," Chrysler explained. "If we have questions on volunteer policies, how other organizations are handling various issues, it helps to have the support of those who have dealt with the same issues. The group also works to come up with program ideas to help facilities improve through the most efficient use of volunteer help."

Chrysler said that being able to share information and ideas also helps the members of NYSAVSA in their goal to promote volunteerism. "It is important to recognize the many ways that people can share their time and talents to make a better community for everyone," Chrysler said.

NYSAVSA also supports continuing education for volunteer coordinators and directors throughout the state. Money raised through collection of dues and various fund raising activities goes toward the group’s annual conference, which features national speakers and educational workshops. The association also offers scholarships for members to attend the conference.

"I am very excited about leading this association," Chrysler said. "My vision for the next two years is for this group to grow and expand. This growth will come from the communication between the members of the association as we explore new ideas about programs and volunteer opportunities. I am always energized when I leave a meeting of the NYSAVSA. I want to keep that energy going."