Groovy’ BOCES music video
sends anti-bullying message

VERONA — In what it calls a "social media project," Madison-Oneida BOCES is urging people to view a new online music video filmed at its campus with an anti-bullying message that encourages students to accept and understand others.

The video, "The Groovy Project," features hip-hop/rap musician NateKid walking through a BOCES building past various students, including several holding signs reflecting how negative perceptions of people can be overcome by positive ones.

For example, one sign calls a student a "stoner," while another says he has a 3.9 GPA; a sign says "no one will listen," but another says "call me." The video’s chorus includes lyrics from a 1967 hit song "Reach out of the Darkness," singing "I think it’s so groovy now that people are finally getting together."

Produced by the Awaken Entertainment company of New York City, the video is posted on YouTube. At mid-day on Tuesday last week it launched a goal of reaching a million people in 24 hours. As of the following afternoon a day later, it had nearly 12,000 views on YouTube. It will remain posted there indefinitely, according to BOCES; it is listed on YouTube as "The Groovy Project."

"We’re changing the click at a time," said BOCES’ announcement of the video. "Check out the video we made with a pro-acceptance and anti-bullying message...."

Awaken Entertainment representatives conceived the video and filmed it at the Verona-based BOCES after a person with mutual connections suggested the site, said BOCES.