Upskirt photographer gets six months house arrest

A Utica public works employee will spend six months under house arrest for using a camera to peek under women’s skirts in Wal-Mart.

Michael Scotellaro, 54, of 2200 Pinnacle Drive, Utica, was sentenced by County Court Judge Barry M. Donalty May 30 to six months house arrest, five years probation, was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and $375 in court fees on a charge of second-degree unlawful surveillance.

Authorities said Scotellaro would follow women around the store with a video camera last summer, and when they were distracted, he would slip the camera under their skirt. One woman noticed his suspicious activity in July and she told store security. A review of surveillance camera footage found several encounters of Scotellaro approaching different women.

Utica Police were contacted and a search of his work locker uncovered the video camera. Authorities said Scotellaro is employed as a heavy equipment operator with the Utica Department of Public Works.

Also in County Court:

¿ Luke G. Moffatt, 29, of 72 Mapledale Acres, Barneveld, pleaded guilty before Judge Michael L. Dwyer May 25 to two counts of third-degree burglary. His cases were adjourned for sentencing to July 9.

According to court documents, Moffatt broke into Adirondack Lanes bowling alley in Trenton on Nov. 24, and then the Waterville Legion in Sangerfield on Dec. 30.

¿ Justin Wadsworth, 29, of 27 Cascade Drive, New Hartford, pleaded not guilty before Judge Dwyer May 25 to making a terroristic threat. His case was adjourned for report to June 6.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to Wadsworth’s home at 2:18 a.m. March 19 after he made a series of incomprehensible calls to 9-1-1. When officers arrived, authorities said Wadsworth threatened them and said he was going to set off a natural gas explosion. Wadsworth barricaded himself inside his home for nearly five hours before he peacefully surrendered.

¿ Jason Willson, 32, of 608 McClanathan Ave., Sylvan Beach, pleaded guilty before Judge Dwyer May 25 to attempted first-degree falsely reporting an incident. His case was adjourned for sentencing to July 13.

The indictment said on March 8, Willson pulled the fire alarm at the Utica Memorial Auditorium and reported a bomb threat in the middle of a hockey game. The indictment said more than 100 people were in attendance, and Willson’s threat drew the Utica Fire Department and other emergency responders.

¿ Domingo Pierce, 20, of 9358 Taberg-Florence Road, Annsville, pleaded guilty before Judge Donalty May 24 to second-degree criminal sexual act. His case was adjourned forJuly 13 sentencing.

According to court documents, Pierce had sex with a 14-year-old girl in Annsville on Nov. 26.

¿ Jason M. Doolen, 31, of 634 Chatham St., pleaded guilty before Judge Donalty May 24 to third-degree burglary. His case was forwarded to the court-sponsored drug treatment program.

According to court documents, Doolen stole a toolbox and several tools from a garage on West Thomas Street in Rome on March 10.

¿ Valerie M. Diehl, 29, of 136 Broad St., Oriskany Falls, pleaded guilty before Judge Dwyer May 30 to attempted second-degree burglary. Her case was adjourned for sentencing to July 17.

According to court documents, Diehl stole more than $3,000 cash from a residence on Griffith Road in Augusta on March 21.