Boonville Farms Co-op presents annual awards

BOONVILLE — Boonville Farms Co-op’s 76th annual meeting in the Hulbert House included 73 producers representing 37 Dairy Farms (three of which are Certified Organic), family, and guests.

The meeting was presided over by the President of the organization, Mike Napierkowski. Guest speakers included David Arms of Vermont owner of the Naturally Better Products Inc. He reported on the future market conditions and the price of milk in 2012 and beyond. Also speaking was Dave Wilber who is the milk inspector for the Boonville co-op. He updated the members on the new regulations and milk quality standards that will be effecting the producers for 2012. He reported there will be a number of changes that will influence the dairy industry in the future.

Wilber presented awards to the following members:

Quality awards- Mark Thornton, Darlene Reilly, Omar Loranger, Bruce and Kevin Hawkins, Peter and Danette Geisse, Rodney and Gina Willson, Bill and Rose Foster, William Carpenter, Mike Moskin Farms, and Bill and Pennie Jones.

Lowest Bacteria Award for Mark Thornton Farms

Lowest Cell Count Award went to Bill and Rose Foster

There was a tie for the 2011 Highest Quality Award between Omar Loranger and Mike Moskin Farms

Recognition was given to Richard (Dick) Smith and three generations of his family for being the longest producer in the co-op since 1960. Smith was also thanked for the many past years of service on the Board of Directors of the Boonville Farms Co-op including serving at President for over 20 years. With the end of 2011 Smith has retired from the board but will still be serving in an advisory capacity.

Sidney Southwick was the only new board member elected as all the other directors will stay the same.

The Super Milk Award goes to the producers that have shipped milk for 12 continuous months and had an official somatic cell count of 250,000 or less for 10 of the 12 months. The official somatic cell count is the one taken with the bacteria count for that month.

Super Milk Awards this year went to Bill and Pennie Jones and Darlene Reilly.

At the group’s reorganizational meeting elected were:

Mike Napierkowski, President

Brad Pugh, Vice President

Richy Slaga, Secretary

Ben Simons, Treasurer

Sidney Southwick, Director

Rodney Willson, Director

Ted Von Matt, Director

Jim Starring, Director

Bruce Hawkins, Director

Anyone interested in joining the organization can contact the President Mike Napierkowski at 942-5473 or any of the other members of the Board of Directors.