Florence fiddler performs Sunday

Chad Miller

OSCEOLA — Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. Chad Miller of Florence presents a concert of old time fiddle music with a northeastern and Canadian flavor, at the North American Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame and Museum, 1121 Comins Road.

This free concert is funded in part through the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

Miller’s passion for fiddling began when he first heard fiddling at concerts in Osceola, where his grandparents brought him to hear champions such as Canadian greats Graham and Eleanor Townsend and the area’s Alice Clemens, co-founder of the NY State Fiddlers’ Association. Captivated by the music and noticing that other kids his age were learning to fiddle, Chad decided that he could learn too and he began studying violin at school at age 8 or 9. However, he found learning to read music uninspiring and switched to fiddle lessons with Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame inductee Murph Baker of North Syracuse. Every week Murph would record fiddle tunes and Chad would practice them over and over again until he mastered them. He continued his lessons until age 15 or 16, when Murph passed away.

Having lost his mentor, Chad did not play much then or during his years in the Army, but his passion was rekindled on returning to Central New York and revisiting Osceola. Nowadays Chad enjoys carrying on his family’s fiddle tradition (both his great-grandfathers were fiddlers). He met his wife, Nancy, through fiddling, and they both are encouraging the interest of their 4-year-old daughter, Abigail, who delights in hearing fiddle music.

The Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame and Museum is open during the Sunday concerts and all the facilities are handicapped accessible and enclosable in the event of bad weather. Refreshments from a food concession are available and there are umbrella-topped patio tables.

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