Boaters rescued from lake

ONEIDA LAKE — Four people were rescued off Oneida Lake Thursday night after their boat motor died in a strong current.

Cleveland Fire Chief Carl Avery said three men and one woman were boating recreationally at about 6:30 p.m. when their motor cut out, and they got stuck in a strong current that carried them about a mile out into the lake. He said they were unable to row against the current.

"The current was taking them away from their point of origin," Avery stated.

The boaters had a cell phone and called for help. Avery said it took about 15 minutes for rescue crews to find the boat.

"Fairly lucky on this one," Avery said. "It’s a large area to search. A needle in a haystack, basically."

No one on the 20-foot vessel was injured. Avery said they were towed back to Godfrey Point boat launch on Oswego County. He said he did not know what was wrong with their motor.