By STEVE JONES Staff writer

HOT WORK — A batch of 350 degree asphalt is put down by a crew from AL Blades East of Canastota on North Jay Street where it makes the bend on West Embargo Street. The first large portion of the city’s overall 2012 paving project is now out to bid, with work expected to run from mid-June to mid-September. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

The city is seeking bids for the first large portion of the annual street repair project.

The bids are due at 3 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. They will then be opened at the Board of Estimate and Contract meeting at that time in the Common Council chambers.

The city has bonded for $2.5 million for the entire road project this summer, and this work represents about 40 percent of that work. This component has no street constructions, only cold-milling of streets to put new top layers on them. This project will begin in the second half of June and must be completed by the third week in September.

The list of streets to be cold-milled in this project are list below, by ward:

¿ First Ward — Bell Road from Floyd to Milton avenues, Garden Street from Floyd Avenue to Bloomfield Street, Martin Avenue from Culverton Road to the end, Millbrook Drive from the circle for 900 feet, Tennyson Avenue from Bell Road to Broadway.

¿ Second Ward — Bouck Street from Erie Boulevard to the railroad, Canal Street from Jasper to Depeyster streets, Depeyster Street from Canal Street to Erie Boulevard, Depeyster Street from Lawrence to Louisa streets, Lawrence Street from Jasper to Depeyster streets, Lawrence Street from Ann to Depeyster streets, Lynch Street from Louisa Street to the end.

¿ Third Ward — George Street from 618 S. George St. to Muck Road, Gigliotti Avenue from George Street to Boardman Lane, Jay Street from Matthew Street to the end of the curb (380 feet), Jay Street from the end of the curb to the new pavement (1,990 feet), Madison Street from 619 S. Madison St. to Muck Road, Ridge Street from Jay to Madison streets, Willett Street from Madison to Jay streets.

¿ Fourth Ward — Charles Street from Dominick to Liberty streets, Charles Street from Batavia Avenue to Lenox Street, Gifford Road from Liberty Street to Erie Boulevard, from 7638 Gifford Road to 7687 Gifford Road, Liberty Street from New to Levitt streets.

¿ Fourth and Fifth Wards — William Street from Expense to Thomas streets.

¿ Fifth Ward — Cherry Street from Elm to Turin streets, Elm Street from Kent to Wood streets, Highland Avenue from Croton to Union streets, Washington Street from Thomas to Bloomfield streets.

¿ Sixth Ward — Bedford Street from Chestnut to Hickory streets, George Street from Olive Street east to the top of the circle (720 feet), Linwood Street from Roser Terrace to the end, Madison Street from Cedar to Chestnut streets.

¿ Seventh Ward — George Street from Turin to Linden streets, Pine Street from Black River Boulevard to James Street, Ringdahl Lane from the circle for 1,100 feet, Walnut Street from Madison to George streets.

The list of the roads to be done later in the year has not been composed yet.

One project that will be done is the repairs to the Tannery Road bridge. Bids have been opened for that work, but no contract has been awarded yet. The bids were: $568,509 from Tioga Construction Co., $595,479.41 from D.H. Smith Co., $659,450 from Bell Construction Co., $662,358.50 from Stephen Miller General Contractors and $762,123.40 from Slate Hill Constructors.