School election was a fiasco

Send in the clowns.

After reading the Sentinel’s front-page story of May 16 on the school budget and the candidates for the school board I thought what a joke this story portrays to the public. Yes, I was one of the people who exercised my right to vote. We went to our polling place (Stokes) with the intention of voting for our candidates of choice only to be told by the person at the ballot machine that we had to write the persons’ name based on the position in the school paper. I said that is not correct¿she then said well just vote for one of the names that appears on the machine. These directions also confused the people standing near us.

In this article Superintendent Jeffrey Simons states that minor write-in misspellings would be credited to the candidate so long as it can be determined there was no other voter within the district by that name. Please explain what a minor misspelling constitutes? Mr. Simon’s statement that the election was "unique and clearly affected by the district’s error" is an understatement. The write-in candidates were certainly at a disadvantage.

I disagree with Kenneth Metz’s comment that the public was not interested in the school district. Perhaps the 94% that didn’t vote didn’t want to be part of this fiasco.

I’ll let you determine who the clowns are!

— Bob Benzing, 8816 Maple Drive