Hospital honors employees for service

During National Hospital Week, Rome Memorial Hospital honored its Employees of the Year for demonstrating customer service characteristics that enhance patient satisfaction and promote positive peer relationships.

President and Chief Executive Officer Basil J. Ariglio praised the Employees of the Year for "going the extra mile to make miracles happen for our patients and co-workers each and every day. The employees of Rome Memorial Hospital continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to enhance the quality of care we provide to our patients," he said. "The theme of this year’s hospital week, ‘Making Miracles Happen,’ is perfect because that is exactly what we accomplish every single day. Each of our Employees of the Year are leaders by example who have taken ownership within each of their areas of expertise to help make the hospital a special place."

Nominated by co-workers, patients, families or physicians, the Employees of the Year were honored for exemplary demonstration of the C.A.R.E. principles — courtesy, attitude, respect and enthusiasm.

Honorees were: Kathy Birnie, Maternity; Jeremy Bush, Emergency Department; Isabel Carambia, Residential Health Care Facility; Roselle Chapman, Building Services; Michele Charbonneau, Medical Imaging; Tony Corigliano, Plant Operations; Patricia Eddy, Residential Health Care Facility; Karen Fleming, Building Services; Tara Maine, Operating Room; Chris Mautner, Radiation Oncology; Jill McConnell, Boonville Family Care; Greg Myers, Emergency Department; Jane Padron, Patient Registration; Shirley Perrigo, Building Services; Krystyna Piekielniak, Maternity; Mike Plunkett, Food and Nutrition; Sandra Richards, Education; Anita Robles, Patient Registration; Andrew Smith, Chestnut Commons Physical Therapy; Jim Traub, Building Services; Bryan Trophia, Operating Room and Audrey Wood, 2 North.

In addition, Years of Service Pins were presented to 138 hospital employees, each of whom hit career milestones at the hospital as of Dec. 31, 2011.

Years: Kimberly Aganier, Medical Imaging; Kristin Alcuri, Outpatient Physical Therapy; Diana Ammann, Intensive Care Unit; Teresa Azevedo, Patient Registration; Rose Babcock-Twombly, Residential Health Care Facility; Brian Barringer, Performance Improvement; Christal Benedict, 2 East; Jennifer Blanchard, 2 North; Kathryn Boss, Emergency Department; Stanley Bridgman, Nursing Office; Autumn Brown, 2 East; Candice Butch, Medical Records; Mark Cliver, Emergency Department; Anthony Conestabile, Purchasing; Dalbert Cruz, Operating Room; Roberto Cruz, Physical Therapy; Wayne Dechene, Emergency Department; Patricia Eddy, Residential Health Care Facility; Emily Favata, Patient Registration; Lena Fitzpatrick, Emergency Department; Tammy French, Residential Health Care Facility; Carol Gallardo, Residential Health Care Facility; Anna Gallaway, Radiation Oncology; Kathleen Gratch, Public Relations; Susan Grove, Senior Behavioral Health Unit;

Rachel Hale, Medical Records; Michelle Hanley, Operating Room; Nilsa Hernandez, Food and Nutrition; Bevann Hesse, Business Office; Colleen Hughes, Patient Registration; Danielle Jackson, Food and Nutrition; Lucille Johnson, MRI; Vicky Karpinski, Finance; Ronna Kelly, Food and Nutrition; Alicia Konono, Residential Health Care Facility; Robin Long, Central Supply; Eileen Luley, Cardiopulmonary Services; Ken Nicholas, Plant Operations; Benjamin Nieto, Patient Registration;

Jeannine Olney, Emergency Department; Laurie O’Neil, 2 North; Jane Padron, Patient Registration; Darcey Park, 2 North; Shirley Perrigo, Building Services; Lynne Philley, Endoscopy; Stephanie Pick, 2 North; Krystina Piekielniak, Maternity; Renee Pisaneschi, Emergency Department; Raymond Rapke, Residential Health Care Facility; Judith Reynolds, PACU;

Amy Schmidt, Medical Imaging; Adam Smaldon, Medical Records; Julie Smith, 2 North; Laura Southwick, PACU; Laura Stirling, Business Office; Latisha Taylor, Residential Health Care Facility; Bryan Trophia, Operating Room; Debra Tuthill, Transcription; Glaisma Valentin, Building Services and Kelly Warner, Building Services.

10 Years: Lisa Cooper, Emergency Department; Christine Dubois, Senior Behavioral Health Unit; Robert Euson, Building Services; Karen Fleming, Building Services; Kim Garramone, Food and Nutrition; Terry Gonyea, Residential Health Care Facility; Sarah Grocholski, Information Technology; Amy Harris, Endoscopy; Tarinna Holmes, 2 East; Christine Johnson, Endoscopy; Tracy Lallier, Medical Records; Joseph Maloney, Couriers; Jill McConnell, Boonville Family Care; Kristy Peters, Medical Records; Marianne Petrelli, 2 East; Stacy Pugh, Senior Behavioral Health Unit; Shannon Roberts, Nursing Office; James Romeo, Emergency Department; Brian Rothrock, Patient Registration; Clarissa Smith, Senior Behavioral Health Unit; Nicholas Sobolowski, Couriers and Jane Wildner, Ambulatory Surgery.

15 Years: Sharon Bassett, Building Services; Ramona Brown, 2 East; Cheryl Cavanaugh, Patient Registration; Richard Dixon, Plant Operations; Donna Goodman, Building Services; Diane Hurlbut, 2 North; Nancy Leonard, Food and Nutrition; Deanna Lyness, Maternity; Carey McGough, Medical Imaging; Josephine Nelson, Building Services; Tina Pisaneschi, Senior Behavioral Health Unit; Brenda Post, 2 North; Margaret Scheiderich, Social Services; Dale Wertz, Transcriptionists; Thomas Wick, Outpatient Physical Therapy; Rise Balash, Boonville Family Care; Kathryn Brodt, Pharmacy; Vito Carambia, 2 North and Mary Carpenter, Administration.

20 Years: Deneen Aldrich, Printing; Lawrence Giardino, Materials Management; Dianne Kozlowski, 2 East; Jean Magliocca, Medical Records; Thomas Marquette, Plant Operations; Sharon McNamara, Building Services; Debra Puffer, Community Recover Center; Lucy Rizzo, Information Technology and Katrina Wolfe, 2 North.

25 Years: Merritt Boucher, Operating Room; Mary Boucher, Post Anesthesia Care Unit; Deborah Dombrowski, Materials Management; Valerie Finster, Business Office; Leanna Grace, Infection Prevention; Denise Hurd, Ambulatory Surgery; Christine Hurley, Operating Room; Kathleen Lee, Pharmacy; Christopher Shope, Finance; Michele Snow, Ambulatory Surgery; Renee Taraska, 2 East and Donna Willson, Performance Improvement.

30 Years: Elizabeth Donnelly, Maternity- 4 South; David Jennings, Plant Operations; Debborah Malakie, Ambulatory Surgery; Patricia Murphy, Business Office; Mark Snyderman, Administration; James Traub, Building Services and Cindy Wiggins, Emergency Department.

35 Years: Henry Koziarz, Plant Operations; Edward Koziarz, Plant Operations; Elizabeth Nadeau, Food and Nutrition; Marcia Plunkett, Transporters; Mary Rose Spellicy, Education and Ellen Thompson, 2 East.

40 Years: Joan Whipple, Ambulatory Surgery.

45 Years: Claire Denti, Guest Relations.