Not enough work for city employees?

I am writing about the Daily Sentinel article on page 2 of the May 11 issue headlined "Tree blocking flag." Town of Lee Councilman Hetherington provided expert advice about moving a tree at Lee Town Park from a City of Rome arborist.

Since Mr. Hetherington is a city employee and the title city arborist was used, it leads one to believe it was discussed at work. I would also think an arborist would make such an opinion without inspecting the site.

Sure people may discuss personal issues at work but are kept private for personal use. When you accept pay from an employer it is expected your work pertains to that entity. This would be different if people in authority were involved a town supervisor and a mayor.

Obviously these city workers don’t have enough work to occupy their time. Perhaps departments are overstaffed.

Does the city provide this same service to all towns?

This is a town park, not Yankee Stadium. Sure we want it to look good and to be functional, which it is.

I don’t remember the National Anthem being played the last two or three years. Just now since the media booth is done and they have a loud speaker.

— Gerald L. Milles,
8977 Turin Road, Lee