Looking at write-in entries, School voters fail spelling

Despite ample publicity and guidance, scores of write-in votes were likely invalidated in this year’s school board candidate elections because of name spelling errors where explicit identification of the candidate was not possible.

Here are examples, separated by commas, taken from the district voting records. The presumed candidate name is listed first:

Karen C. Fontana, through the wonders of write-in balloting, became: Fonato, Fonta, Karen, Karen Fonton, Karen Sontana, Karnc Fontana, Kren Fontana, Mrs. Fontana

Jennifer A. Geiger became: J. Geijer, J. Giger, Jennifer A. Geigu, Jennifer Gieionr, Mrs. Geige, S. Geiger

Kenneth H. Metz became: Kennith Metz, Kenny Metz, Metz, Mitz, Meets, Getz k.

Other voters wrote in James Brown, perhaps meaning the former mayor and Joseph Fusco, perhaps meaning the current mayor.

One vote for Mickey Mouse no doubt meant the one and only.