Jervis cites February-April donors

Jervis Public Library has thanked people for donations received Feb. 1, through April 20.

The Board of Trustees notes that the library is a non-profit educational institution and tax-deductible donations "are always welcomed and needed." Donations can be accepted in person, through the mail, or from the library’s website via PayPal. Credit cards are accepted.

The Board of Trustees expressed appreciation to those individuals and organizations who continue to generously support the library.

Information is available at the circulation and information desks for: Association membership, the memorials, in honor of, and Endless Gift programs, the Giving Tree, and the library’s Needs List.

Special acknowledgement is given to Joetta A. Bernhard for her continued interest in and support of the library.

"Sincere appreciation" is also extended to the families of Esther A. Calnero, Theresa (Fiorini) D’Amore, Josephine DiMarco, Lillian L. (Lil) Jones, and Sandra L. Lockwood for designating the library to receive gifts dedicated to the memory of their loved ones.

Donations were made in memory of:

Esther A. Calnero by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bartholomew, Debora Benoit, Gayle Bottini, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curran, Jeff and Rose DeAngelo, Rita DellaContrada, Tony and Fran Domenico, Sal and Beth Frank, John A. Giachetti, Mark and Kathleen Gilbert, Larry and Kim Glantz, Maggie Goetz, Dana F. Higgins, Sally L. Hinman, Agnes Hubiak, Judge and Mrs. David Hurd, David and Thea Joseph, Kimberly Kakavas, Brenda Klara, Mark and Joan Lomery, Daniel and Kathleen McAuliffe, Nancy McCaffrey, Margaret McDonald, Bob and Maryann McInerney, John and Carole Maksymczuk, Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Norelli, Steve and Linda Reed, Eric and Carol Ringdahl, Gus and Debbie Robin, Rosina Sestito, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Sestito, Social Work Office at Rome Hospital, Mark and Patty Spencer, Joseph and Betty Surace Jr., Anthony and Camille VInci, James and Donna Willson

Theresa (Fiorini) D’Amore from Mr. and Mrs. Tim Birnie, Pauline Cianfrocco and Family, Eleanor Coniglio, DeAngelo Family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeRuby, Bobbie and Clif Furedy, Dana F. Higgins, Mike and Deb Lado, P a.m.D’Amore Landau, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maurer, Dan and Kathy McAullife Jr., Michael and Mary Jane O’Brien, Anthony and Michelle Olivieri, Donald and Rita Page, Wayne and Christine Waterman, John and Sheila Wilson

Josephine Dimarco from Herb and Sue Bambury, Karen Bielby, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Butters, Friends at City Clerk’s Office, Jean Hawkins, Donna and Sally Mungari, Mary Murphy, David C. Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spado, Angela Swartwout, Anthony and Camille Vinci,

Lillian E. (Lil) Jones from Henry and Caroline Ambrosius, Jason and Heidi Ambrosius, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Birnie, Mary Ann Conway, Cap and Midge D’Aiuto, Betty M. Dowd, Bruce and Kay Engelbert, Mark Hinman, Sally L. Hinman, Albert and Myrtle Delaney Kipfer, Mary E. Lemon, Margaret McDonald, Paul and Diane Miller, Mary Murphy, Gloria P. Nelson, Eric and Carol Ringdahl, Charles and Gretchen Sprock, Joseph and Betty Surace Jr., Patricia Thomas, Mark Weiss and Joan Maurer, John and Sheila Wilson

Sandra L. Lockwood from John and Genie Barry, Ruth Blackburn, Byrne Dairy/Lafayette, Christopher Campbell, Phillip and Tracey Campolo, Peter and Lori Chien, Linda Cook, Pat and Peg Corbett, John, Theresa, and Maria Costello, Ched Cummings, Tony Giancursio, Ned and Sandra Grifasi, Dee Gromelski, Dana F. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hinman, Helen Hopping, Michele Iacovelli, Warren and Judith Jones, Cheryl Kegley, Leadership Genesee Class of 2006: Brian and Laurie Thornley, David and Anne Miller, Raymond Lollis, Edward Lynch, Concetta Martinucci, Bruce MacCallum, Arlene McDonald, Joan McKenna, Virginia Merola, Margaret Moonan, Mary Murphy, Diane Murray.

Also, NYS School Boards Association, Carl and Mary Onken, Virginia Peel, Eda Pendorf, James and Michelle Reale, Nicholas Romano, Rome Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools, Jason and Katie Rose and Family, Robert and Sharon Ruberti, Mary Signor, Sikorski’s SYSCO DB140, SYSCO Cleveland/Joe Wood, SYSCO Syracuse/Gary and Cindy LaPorta, SYSCO Syracuse Merchandising Department, SYSCO Syracuse Utica District 1, SYSCO Syraucse Utica District 2, SYSCO Watertown District, Carla Till, Claudia Wiley, Robert and Valerie Wood, Calvin and Laurie Wright.


Additional memorial donations have been received in memory of:

Ralph Agone from Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bojanek, Sara Martha Gifford, David and Connie Hurd, Jeri Kaskoun, Charles Pfrimmer and Family, Peter and Rita Reilley, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Surace Jr.

Charles W. and Georgianna L. Anken from Geraldine L. Haynes

Gilbert (Gil) Beach from Pfrimmer Family

Bella from Trifeletti and Williams Families

Jean Lorraine Brennan from Pfrimmer Family

F. Paul Cataldo from Desiree Gromelski and Family

Pamela Cawley from Peter and Lori Chien, Claudia Wiley

Trisha Cole from Geraldine L. Haynes

Antonia (Toni) Coote from Pfrimmer Family

Anthony E. Darcangelo from Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bartholomew, Bob and Chris Corredine, Richard and Denise Giardino, Dick and Diane Mumpton, Charles Pfrimmer

Ethel Entelisone from Sally Pratt

Michael Galligano from Paul and Michelle Jensen, Jim and Donna Smaldon, Michael and Dolly Smaldon, Rowe and Cindi Wheeler

Dolores Renzi Gentile from Frank Martinez and Family

Rosemary Imelda Giamporcaro from Richard Joseph and Cordellia Urbanik

Theodora (Dode) Gifford from Tom and Deb Schmitz

Florence M. Hiltbrand from Terry and Jill Schaal

Dr. Arthur Iodice from Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bartholomew

Jean Linderman from Suzanne Carvelli

Jeff Palmer from Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Josephine Pasqualetti from Viola B. Destito

Thatcher Pospiech from Brenda Wright Walther

Gregory L. Procopio from Josephine Iannotti

Charles J. (Chuck) Richards from Bruce and Kay Engelbert, Charles R. Pfrimmer

Stella Roe from Dan and Jody O’Connell

John Serway from Darlene Hertel

Evan R. Solyk from John and Helen Fisher

Lisa Ann Staple from Peter and Rosemary Maio

Katherine Floyd Sterling from Steve and Linda Reed

Joseph Stromick from Louis and Celia Bartholomew

David F. (Prof) Weisenberger from Geraldine L. Haynes

Murray Wilson from Jeri Kaskoun and Charles Pfrimmer, Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Bob Waters from Pfrimmer Family

James Alfred Wyman from Jack and Pat Wyman

Rose Yano from Robert and Jennifer Evans-Fitzgibbon

Angela Zucker from Henry Zucker


Gifts given in honor of:

The 90th birthday of Louise Ceravolo from Mary Fiore

The 50th wedding anniversary of Jack and Joan Harper from Steve and Marie Viscelli


Endless Gifts from Jack A. Mieczkowski


Other cash gifts or library materials received from:

Scott F. Adams, Edith M. Bigalow, Sharon Camera, Joyce Endres-Stockton, Julia Ernenwine, Beatrice Ferguson, Melissa Firpo, Fort Stanwix Chapter D.A.R.,

Susan Hatzinger, Just Breathe Yoga Studio, Lisa Keena, Carol Macri, R. Patrick O’Connor, John B. Owens, Frank Page, Holly Ricketts, R.O.M.E. (Romans On Market Education), Kathy Scaccia, Mary Siddiqui, Carla Till, Utica First Insurance Co., Edmund Weed, Phyliss White, Art Whitney.