Time to cut down the tree

On May 8 I sat in the audience of the Lee Town Board meeting and listened to a long and convoluted discussion of what to do about the centrally located flag and flag pole at the town park. Some members noted objections from town citizens to cutting down the tree that blocks the view of the flag. There were discussions about another pole, moving the existing pole to another location, moving the tree, and many other peripheral issues about protecting the tree.

One tree? You have to be kidding me.

Anywhere you stand in the town park if you turn 360 degrees you will see trees. In my small yard alone there are more than 20 trees. I would wager a month’s pay that there are at least 100,000 trees in the Town of Lee. Sure, money was spent to plant the tree. Is that any reason to spend even more to save that one offending tree? Is it any reason to insult the symbol of our country?

The flagpole was placed so that it is visible from the whole park to be honored from the whole park. That one tree obstructs the view of the flag from a well used, large portion of the town park. I think that flag and pole should stay where they are.

As a combat veteran who has risked life and limb for this country and seen friends and comrades killed and maimed defending the country from insidious, noxious enemies, I take it as a great personal insult that a tree seems more important to anyone than the symbol of our great country.

Cut down the tree!

— James H. Page,
6042 Sleepy Hollow Road, Lee