With still no state decision on an appeal of denied petitions, the Board of Education election ballot Tuesday is set to contain two candidates’ names, and not three others off the ballot due to a school district mistake with petition deadlines.

The state on Thursday rejected incumbent Jennifer Geiger’s request for a temporary stay of the petition denial pending a final decision. She said, "it looks like the decision...will come later on" and the election will "go forward with two official candidates and three unofficial candidates." She filed her appeal May 2.

Geiger said today she has received no further word from the Education Department.

The three who must run as write-ins had filed nominating petitions but were denied after the district misstated the deadline and they were filed after the correct date.

For the ballot, "it’s too late to change it now....I don’t see how we could do it" even if a decision came later today, board President Patricia Riedel said. Voting machines will be set up for polls to open at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Candidates on the ballot will be Lenny Giardino and incumbent Mary Davis.

Since three seats are up for election, at least one write-in should be specified.

To help assure valid write-ins, voters should use a candidate’s first and last names. Voters can choose any combination of write-ins and ballot candidates, as long as it totals three.

For accuracy, full names of write-in candidates who had filed petitions are:

¿ Karen C. Fontana.

¿ Jennifer A. Geiger.

¿ Kenneth H. Metz.