Re-elect experienced board members

As a parent and a former teacher/tutor in the Rome school system, I am writing for three reasons.

First, I believe the Rome schools have always provided an excellent education. Obviously, good teachers are required as is an experienced board of education.

Second, the whole community needs to support the school system and its programs. We all benefit as a result.

Third, I encourage the re-election of two interested, bright and innovative candidates. They are Mary Davis, who seeks a fourth term, and Jennifer Geiger, a second term. Mary Davis has an education background, while Jennifer Geiger and her husband have four sons who are either currrent students or graduates. These women are not one-issue candidates, and I urge voters to re-elect them for another term. Mary Davis is on the ballot, and Jennifer Geiger is a write-in candidate.

— Mary R. Grow, 911 Turin St.