Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Town deeds

Annsville, 9313 Glenmore Road, Leah and Daniel Kiser to Aaron Henderson, $146,400.

Augusta, 2773 Route 26, Mari Lynne Samson to Warner E. Jr. and Brian H. Leuenberger, $55,000.

Ava, Kessler Road, residential vacant land, Kevin B. Phillipp to Michael S. Fancett, $8,000.

Ava, 6296 E. Ava Road, James M. Sr. and Sheila Williams to Jill M. and Richard J. Bator, $64,000.

Ava, Sage Road, residential vacant land, Louis Jr. and David Cretaro to Sue and Kelly Ulrich, $25,000.

Ava, 11048 Route 26, Paulette E. White Estate to Kelly M. Hemming and Joshua D. Smith, $95,400.

Barneveld, 114 Vanderkemp Ave., Birge Living Trust to Jeremy M. Williams, $115,300.

Boonville, 179 Reed Lane, John S. and Frances M. Vanderland to Donnie Lee and Marie Baird Henry, $225,000.

Boonville, 7829 Route 294, Jennifer Ann Hall Weber to Lynn Walters, $38,250.

Boonville, 1873 Merry Hill Road, Andrew J. Allen to Kimberly Allen, $200,000.

Boonville, 9500 Furman Road, John and Heather Banek to Andrew and Kayla Allen, $180,000.

Boonville, 162 Main St., Estate of Jack Michaels to Sharon A. Daktor, $49,500.

Boonville, 207 Post St., Amy M. Griffin (Lee) to Jason M. Schleicher, $65,000.

Camden, 2872 Skinner Settlement Road, Estate of Dorothy K. Hurlbut to Valerius N., Elaine C. Filbin-Koch and the Edward Joseph Filbin and Mary Etta Filbin Revocable Trust, $79,000.

Camden, 9602 Brewer Road, Earl and Deborah Harris to Daniel and Leah Kiser, $195,000.

Camden, 40 Main St., Beth Petrie to Eric and Correen Pounds, $65,000.

Camden, 10486 Florence-Taberg Road, Edward Moore to James and Carol Prosser, $20,000.

Deerfield, 12141 N. Gage Road, Karl and Ursula E. Moser to James and Robert Czub Jr., $465,000.

Forestport, 1003 Norton Road, Janette Walley to Donna L. Granger, $310,000.

Forestport, 99 Deer Hollow Road, Dana R. and Anne M. Charbonneau to Ann E. and Robert and Thomas Connor, $105,000.

Forestport, 3121 Brownwood Drive, Jerome L. Beck to George and Sheila Beach, $52,500.

Forestport, 866 Lone Pine Drive, Debra S. Grabauskas to Vincent Mannion and David J. Scalfani, $180,000.

Forestport, Grantville Road, one-family residential, Raymond E. Stoutenger Sr. and James D. and Becky M. Burrows to Rocco J. Umbro Jr., $80,000.

Forestport, 9220 Trestle Road, Colleen A. Plichta and Mary K. Nelson to Stacey L. Utter, $80,000.

Forestport, Brownwood Road, residential vacant land, Salvatore D’Amico and Marie Pandolfo to Rocco Pandolfo, $5,000.

Floyd, 8794 Soule Road, John Streiff to Jennifer Streiff, $2,300.

Floyd, 8436 New Floyd Road, Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC to Mark E. and Lucy Annita Sutter, $121,900.

Floyd, 7387 Koenig Road, Tammy L. Crego and Jill E. Seelman to Gary W. and Tami L. Dunnigan, $75,000.

Holland Patent, 9096 Cemetery Road, The Laura Seelman Trust by Dawn Tartaglia, successor trustee to Leslie F. Dean, $36,000.

Kirkland, 90 Furnace St., Lauren Wyman to Michael A. and Michelle M. Townsend, $97,000.

Kirkland, 17 Hamilton Place, Michelle M. Cashion to John P., Carol D. and Megan E. Burdick, $185,500.

Kirkland, 4 Berkley Drive, Estate of Paul E. Hoff and James D. Hoff to Paul and Patricia Heintz, $125,000.

Lee, 8677 Terrace Drive, John and Ellen Knudsen to Charles D. George Jr., $102,800.

Lee, 6294 Evergreen Drive, Dan E. Libby to Alexander E. and Stefanie A. Sypniewski, $74,500.

Lee, 6245 Hawkins Corners Road, Estate of Doris B. LaTart by Mary L. Schubert, executor to Richard V. LaTart, $170,000.

Lee, 4820 Route 69, James E. Salisbury to David P. Jordan, $27,381.

Lee, Harris and Capron roads, residential vacant land, Lisa M. Shope to Thomas M. Hrim, $16,000.

Lee Center, 66 Meyers Road, Mathew Bronson to Arthur Bronson III, $3,400.

Oriskany, 505 Miller St., Adirondack Property Group LLC to Brooks A. and Sherry L. Phillips, $1,820.

Remsen, 9144 Rosemarie Road, Scott D. and Tricia L. Lupini to Robert and James Enterprises, LLC, $350,000.

Remsen, Brown Tract Road, residential vacant land, Elizabeth T. Francis to Robert J. Bick, $5,000.

Remsen, Brown Tract Road, residential vacant land, Elizabeth T. Francis to Robert J. and Robert A. Bick, $5,000.

Steuben, 10382 Fuller Road, The Clara M. Martin Irrevocable Trust dated July 6, 1993 to William and Emy McCarthy, $103,000.

Sylvan Beach, 205-211 Park Ave., Patrick Goodenow to Ontario Realty, Inc., $375,000.

Sylvan Beach, 113 and 10 Spencer Ave. and 101 Park Ave., Carol A. Clements to Ontario Realty, Inc., $125,000.

Trenton, 400 Academy St., Village of Prospect to John Grimaldi, $20,000.

Vienna, Moore Road, residential vacant land, George M. Reiber, trustee to NYE Holdings, LLC, $185,000.

Vienna, 7592 Vienna Road, Kenneth and Cynthia Osborne to Timothy and Karry Moynihan, $65,000.

Vienna, 3661 Pine Road, Elwin E. Jr. and Melodye A. Waterman to David Herrig, $20,000.

Vienna, 8539 Route 13, Virginia A. LaVancher to Joseph J. Bator, $15,000.

Vienna, Maple Flats Road, residential vacant land, Vincent Allen and Davida Lynne Behrens to Roland R. and Lena-Jean M. Poulin, $29,900.

Vienna, Lot 9 and 10 Tynan Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Richard C. Sprague Sr., $42,500.

Vienna, Willow Point Drive, Lot 5, Craig S. and Paula A. Urbanke to Leonard and Lorraine Padavan, $12,840.

Western, 8076 Buck Hill Road, Michael and Rachelle Ellis to Bruce N. and Barbara S. Capron, $167,500.

Western, 10960 Webster Hill Road, Wayne E. Conover to Mark and Amy B. Thornton, $39,000.

Western, 9507 Route 46, Brian C. Holtz to Robert S. Paisley, $155,000.

Westmoreland, 5191 Jenkins Road, Theresa Morgan to Keir DeGraff, $95,400.

Westmoreland, 5327 Bartlett Road, Chester G. Swire and Alicia S. Hiffa to Tomasine M. Achen, $104,400.

Westmoreland, 7639 Acee Lane, James Ferguson to Eric and Jolyn Gifford, $264,000.

Westmoreland, Seymour Lane, commercial, Novia Group LLC to Timothy and Elaine Borza, $125,000.

Westmoreland, 6080 Eureka Road, Matthew Arnold to Carol Witkowski, $114,000.

Westmoreland, 6750 Dix Road, Jolene Cianfrocco to Jason W. Fairbrother, $127,000.

Whitestown, 127 Paradise Lane, Ronald and Lena Pfluke to Thorsten Schott, $325,000.

Whitestown, 403 Ridge Road, Christopher J. and Linda A. Engle to Paul C. and Patricia A. Bailey, $135,000.

Whitestown, 14 Woodscene Drive, Donald D’Amico to Mark Mariano II, $122,000.

Whitestown, 14 Pillar Drive, Robert A. and Margaret H. Platt to Ryan T. McQueen, $139,000.

Whitestown, 124 Clarion Drive, Dwayne L. and Rachele L. Longley to Mary J. DeSantis, $185,000.

Whitestown, 17 Harts Hill Circle, Steven S. and Kimberlee J. Sobolewski to Mark A. and Renee Tritten, $106,000.