Apologies settle dispute

TOWN OF AUGUSTA — The verbal dispute between the teen-age son of cop-killer Christian M. Patterson and the neighbor who testified at his trial was settled in Town Court Monday evening with a pair of apologies.

Both Christian M. Patterson Jr., 17, of 5488 Knoxboro Road, and Matthew J. Kazlauskas, 37, of 5501 Knoxboro Road, had their cases adjourned to November in contemplation of dismissal after they apologized to one another before the judge, according to Assistant District Attorney Steven G. Cox.

"After I reviewed both cases, it was a case of heated emotions," Cox explained.

State police said on the morning of Friday, March 23, Patterson Jr. used obscene language towards his neighbor, Christine M. Kazlauskas. The woman then called 9-1-1. When Patterson got off the school bus that afternoon, her husband Matthew Kazlauskas confronted and threatened the teen, authorities said. Patterson then called 9-1-1.

"I had them both before the judge at the same time," Cox stated. "They each apologized to each other and the case was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal."

Orders of protection were filed to keep the parties away from each other.

Patterson is the son of 41-year-old Christian M. Patterson, who was convicted on Feb. 9 of shooting and killing Sheriff’s Deputy Kurt B. Wyman. Patterson was found guilty of aggravated murder after a seven-day jury trial. Kazlauskas and his wife both testified at the trial that they witnessed part of the domestic dispute that eventually led to the shooting on June 7, and had let Patterson Jr. and his mother seek shelter in their home across the street. Both Kazlauskas also testified that they later heard the fatal shots.