‘Unbelievable’ error by school district

It’s unbelievable that our school district misinformed the public as to the deadline for petitions for Board of Education elections. Who’s minding the store?

How many errors within our system are to be accepted as to the accountability for our schools? In the past we have been informed of finances suddenly discovered through an audit, etc. We are in need of competent people to oversee the entire system of our educational facilities.

At last month’s board meeting I questioned several issues and followed up with a letter to Superintendent Jeffrey Simons with a few other concerns. As of today, May 2, I have not received a phone call or letter in response to them. If we as taxpayers cannot get answers to our questions, what is the sense of having a board? It might serve us better to have the Common Council running our schools.

Karen Fontana is a retired teachers of the Rome School District, and I know her personally as I was once working at Strough when she was teaching. I feel she would be a diligent candidate for the board and may bring production in the right direction.

Let’s get with the program and present the right information to the taxpayers of Rome and assure that we have integrity in all areas concerning our schools.

— Kathleen A. Murphy,

1404 Franklyn St.