Kit lets you learn hands-only CPR

The American Heart Association has created a way for people to learn Hands-Only CPR in less than 25 minutes, for around $35.

The CPR Anytime¿ for Family and Friends kit has everything needed to complete this self-directed CPR training. Information on the kit is available at The kit can be used at home or wherever there is access to a DVD player. A single kit allows an entire family, including children, to learn CPR. The kit includes a CPR manikin, 22-minute DVD and resource booklet.

Using Hands-Only CPR, bystanders can still act to improve the odds of survival, whether they are trained in conventional CPR or not, association officials said.

Less than one-third of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims receive bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and less than 5 percent survive, association officials said.

Without immediate, effective CPR from a bystander, a person’s chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest decreases 7 percent to 10 percent per minute.

Since 2008, the American Heart Association has recommended that untrained bystanders use Hands-Only CPR — CPR without breaths — for an adult victim who suddenly collapses. Hands-Only CPR teaches basic steps: First, call 9-1-1 and then push hard and fast on the center of the chest until professional help or an AED arrives.

The Heart Association is pushing to require CPR training before graduation (

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