For Giardino, children come first

I am writing to support Lenny Giardino for our school board. Over the past few years we have worked together and have become close friends. Together, we published a book offering hope for those who feel hopeless due to family violence or abuse. I met Mr. Giardino through a recommendation from a friend that he can publish my book, while others were unwilling to help. He worked with me until we got it published. He follows through on his word.

Lenny is a loving and caring father to his four beautiful children. To him his children always come first. His main concern for all children is their education. He believes in each child receiving quality education. Lenny works with and helps many children that come from unsafe homes and that are in foster homes. I have witnessed Mr. Giardino in action with some of these children and I am amazed at how they react to Lenny’s help.

Mr. Giardino as a person believes in the human spirit. He believes in people, and will fight to make dreams become a reality. He has helped many people in our community and I truly believe he would be an asset to our school board.

— Gail Rizio, 413 Ridgewood Drive