by Chaplain Lamar W. Claypool

Jesus challenges us to reach others who have never experienced healing or freedom.

I do not like to repeat myself, but for this topic I will. The woman at the well speaks to the subject of connection. If you want to get a fuller picture of what I writing about, please read the Gospel of John 4:7-26. Jesus broke cultural barriers in order to speak to a woman who needed true freedom. She also needed healing, her life was a mess. Jesus engages her with a simple question: "Will you give me a drink?" Wow, Jesus knew how to connect with this woman. This woman wanted to avoid the people in the village so she would draw her water at high noon. She did not want to feel the stares or hear the gossip about her. But Jesus reached out to her anyways.

There are many who are living in shame, isolation, internal pain, and unforgiveness. Somehow I believe Jesus wants us to take this risk also, to try to connect with them. Why? Jesus wants us to reach out to these people because of our connection with Him. Jesus offers eternal life and wholeness to all, but we must make the choice to accept and receive what Jesus has for us. We must choose to have a real relationship with him, not to just operate religiously. Religion allows us to cover up our own hurt and pain by keeping busy within our local churches or a community group. We can, on a superficial level, be a "good Samaritan" to others. This is fine, but Jesus is looking for us to connect on a much deeper level. Jesus said that the world would know we are His disciples by the love we show one another.

We are living in society where we are willing to connect to the material things in our lives. We believe things like cars, televisions, smart phones, etc. will give us the satisfaction we need. It’s easier to relate to things, than to people. We live in a society where everyone is suspect. We are not sure what people will do to us. When Jesus spoke to this woman He took a major risk. There was so much religious and cultural prejudice during that time. Samaritans and Jews just did not talk to each other. We also have barriers, racial, political, cultural, religious, etc. In spite of this, Jesus still calls each of us to connect with people.

When the woman finally let down her guard and connected with Jesus she was set free from her past and her current unhealthy relationship. She entered into a healthy, healing, relationship with Jesus. She then ran and shared this good news with the very ones she had tried to avoid. There are many who need to experience the same. If you have a real relationship with Jesus, if you have experienced his love, healing and deliverance, then you too are called to take a risk. You are called to cross any and all barriers in order to share the good news of love, acceptance, healing and joy.

God Bless

Chaplain Lamar W. Claypool