By DAVE GYMBURCH Staff writer

Another round of storage trailers and roofing repair rates has been approved by the Board of Education, and the school district aims to avoid more storage issues such as last year’s costly glut of surplus furniture.

The board awarded contracts Wednesday night for storage trailer rentals in conjunction with the upcoming Denti Elementary School renovation, and for a third year of roofing services that sets rates for emergency fixes when needed.

¿ The rental contract, with the 1501 Broad Street Corp. of Utica, cites a monthly cost of $85 for each 45-foot trailer. About four trailers will be used for storing Denti materials for about a year, said Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Paul Rabbia; a renovation is scheduled to begin this summer and be finished before September 2013, while Denti students use the former Fort Stanwix school.

Previously, a multi-year accumulation of stored items, including materials no longer needed after various school consolidations and updates, led to the district seeking to dispose of at least seven trailer-loads of surplus furniture last November; board members had expressed concern about mounting costs of $100 per month per surplus trailer dating back several months.

However, Rabbia noted steps to more promptly deal with items if they become surplus during school renovations. Besides the Denti project, the district has been renting four other trailers holding materials from Gansevoort Elementary School since last summer; those trailers are due to be taken off-line this summer when the Gansevoort work is completed.

Regarding "what we don’t use" from stored materials to put back in renovated schools, Rabbia said "we’re not keeping them a year or two years...this time." Within a month or so after a school is reoccupied, he said, such items will be inventoried and offered for other district schools. If unclaimed, they will be listed as surplus for use by the community, similar to last year’s process.

"We don’t want to carry 10-12 trailers around...with goods we’ve got no use for," Rabbia commented. It "runs up a bill" when the money could be used "for other reasons," he added.

Some furniture items can become surplus depending on how a school is renovated, said Rabbia. For example, new storage shelving may lessen the need for storage cabinets that were in storage, he explained. Items that were disposed of last year included various desks, chairs and cabinets.

¿ The roofing services contract with Lawrence Rieben and Sons, Inc. of Whitesboro locks in the same rates as the prior year’s contract; rates are $80 per hour or $110 per hour depending on types of repairs and response times.

The work often involves leaks at school roofs that cannot be repaired in-house, are not under warranty, and have not undergone longer-term renovations. Among them are elementary sites at Denti, Fort Stanwix and Joy schools, plus Strough Middle School. The district spent about $5,000 for such repairs in 2010-11 and $4,600 so far in 2011-12, said Rabbia.