By STEVE JONES Staff writer

At her request, a city attorney is being reduced to a part-time role, according to Corporation Counsel Timothy A. Benedict.

The city’s law office has three attorneys — Benedict, First Assistant Corporation Counsel Gerard Feeney and Assistant Corporation Counsel Angela Twomey. Twomey, said Benedict, asked for the reduced time after having her first child recently and needing to address day care. The choice was made in order to keep Twomey on staff, he said.

"The mayor was very supportive about keeping her on board, as I was, because she’s a capable and important part of the office. It’s in everybody’s best interest for her to work part-time," said Benedict. The new schedule is for Twomey to work in the office for a full day on Wednesdays and from home at other hours. The goal is to be able to resume the full-time position later this year, he noted.

"It’s a busy office," noted Benedict, but he added that his is "not concerned about her fulfilling her duties on a part-time basis." The work load might, he said, necessitate the city adding a part-time attorney while Twomey is part-time, but that’s yet to be determined.

Twomey, who started with the city in June 2009 and was hired as a full-time attorney in July 2010, has several areas of specialization in the office — code issues (and representing the city in Public Nuisance Abatement hearings), contracts and research. She will also remain as legal adviser to the Zoning Board of Appeals, Benedict noted.

City Court "is very accommodating," said Benedict, as the court has agreed to have Twomey appear on city matters on Wednesdays rather than Tuesdays and Thursdays, as was the previous schedule. The plan is for Twomey to work 17.5-20 hours a week, one full day and two half days, said Benedict. Her pay will be pro-rated accordingly, he added. Twomey’s full-time salary is $51,838 — which translates to $28.37 an hour.