To be deported a third time

An illegal Dominican immigrant and felon living in Utica will be deported for a third time once he serves his four-year prison sentence for illegally entering the country.

Charges against Manuel Carrasco for a November domestic dispute are still pending, authorities stated.

Carrasco, 42, of Utica, was sentenced by Federal Court Judge Glenn T. Suddaby Tuesday to 4 1/2-years in federal prison for illegally entering the U.S. after he’d been previously removed as an aggravated felon. Carrasco pleaded guilty to the charge on Dec. 21.

Authorities said Carrasco, a citizen of the Dominican Republic, was deported twice before in 2001 and again 2006, following a felony drug conviction in 2000.

Authorities said Carrasco returned to the United States yet again, and was taken into custody by Utica Police on Nov. 5 for attacking his girlfriend with a knife. Police said Carrasco also nearly hit a police officer with his car when he tried to make his getaway.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said that once Carrasco serves his 4 1/2 years, he will face a third deportation. The local charges, including assault, are still open and are waiting further court action.