Spark during demolition sets mobile home afire

TOWN OF VIENNA — A demolition company tearing down a mobile home on Herder Road had a little accidental help Wednesday afternoon when the trailer caught on fire.

So even though the mobile home at 8231 Herder Road was going to be destroyed anyway, now the company has a big, charred mess to clean up, officials said.

"They were tearing it down. They were using a power saw to cut the tin in the roof, which caused a spark, which caught the trailer," said Vienna Third Assistant Fire Chief Richard Harvey.

"They didn’t want it done that way. They were going to take it down piece-by-piece."

Harvey said the Pratt family, who own the property, planned to have the vacant mobile home torn down so that they could build a new residence. The property is located just north of Route 49, near Fish Creek Landing Road. The demolition company, whose name the chief did not know, was working to tear down the mobile home shortly after 1 p.m. when the spark ignited the rest of the trailer. The company called 9-1-1 at 1:03 p.m.

Harvey said the flames spread quickly and the mobile home was fully involved upon arrival. Crews then surrounded and drowned the structure, with water pumped from a nearby creek.

"It was just like a big bonfire," Harvey stated. "It burned right to the ground."

The flames took about 15 minutes to knock down, the chief stated. The mobile home had been emptied of all its contents prior to the demolition. Nobody was injured. Harvey said the Pratt family was insured for the damage.

"Now they’ve got a bigger mess to clean up," the chief stated.

The Vienna, McConnellsville, Taberg and North Bay fire departments responded.