Child grazed crossing boulevard

An 11-year-old girl was lightly grazed in the foot by a passing truck when she tried to cross Erie Boulevard Monday afternoon. Police said the oncoming driver had the green light, and 11-year-old Hannah J. Bragg had the ‘do not cross’ light.

Bragg, of 409 N. George St., was crossing the eastbound lane from the median at 5:20 p.m. when her right foot was grazed by a 1998 GMC pickup, driven by Steven H. Prosser, 50, of 2390 Gleasman Road, Boonville, police stated. Prosser had seen the girl and swerved out of the way, but his truck still hit her foot near the intersection with South George Street.

Police said Bragg was not injured, but was taken to Rome Memorial Hospital as a precaution. No tickets were issued.

Other accidents:

¿ A motorcyclist was injured when another driver on Erie Boulevard switched lanes without looking Monday afternoon.

Police said Rocco A. Ambrose, 60, of 115 Pazdur Blvd. S., Westmoreland, was riding his 1987 Yamaha westbound in the passing lane at 4:47 p.m., alongside Lawrence J. Kranbuhl, 41, of 8098 Passer Road, in a 2011 Mitsubishi sedan. Police said Kranbuhl started to change lanes into the passing lane, and he failed to see Ambrose.

Police said Ambrose swerved to avoid the collision and lost control of his motorcycle, which slid sideways for about 50 feet before coming to rest in the center turning lane.

Ambrose suffered pain to his elbow, hand and knee, but police said he declined hospital treatment. Kranbuhl was ticketed for moving from lane unsafely.

¿ A 33-year-old driver was ticketed for failure to yield when he pulled out of Berkshire Bank onto Chestnut Street Monday and cut off an oncoming vehicle.

Police said Rickey A. Russell Jr., of 314 W. Thomas St., made a left turn out of the bank onto East Chestnut Street at 4:42 p.m. Police said Russell’s 2006 Chevy suburban cut off an eastbound 2011 GMC suburban, driven by Marykay Maitland, 52, of 5888 Hawkins Corners Road, Lee Center. The two vehicles collided nearly head-on. No one was injured.

¿ No one was injured, but three vehicles were damaged, when a Ford sedan was knocked around like a pinball on Erie Boulevard East Friday afternoon.

Police said Susanne I. O’Connor, 68, of 715 N. Washington St., was eastbound in the 100 block at 12:39 p.m. when her 2001 Ford sedan was struck on the rear driver’s side by a 2012 CJS Transportation van, driven by Connie S. Ambrose, 59, of 3165 Route 5, Frankfort. Police said O’Connor’s car was knocked off the south side of the street, where it collided with a car waiting at the stop sign on Jasper Street.

The third vehicle then drove off without stopping, authorities stated. No one was injured. Ambrose, who had been changing lanes when his van hit O’Connor’s car, was ticketed for moving from lane unsafely, police said.