Giardino cares about students

My children had Mr. Lenny Giardino as a social studies teacher in Camden Middle School and then as dean of students in the Camden High School. He provided such a positive influence on their lives that I feel compelled to write this letter in support of him. He was always positive and encouraging. They knew he had their best interest in mind and that they could go to him for help of any kind. They knew, and relied on the fact that he was always an advocate for them.

As a parent, that was very important to me. I also knew that if I had any concerns I could call him or go see him at any time. I appreciated that he was available to meet my children and myself, and eager to help in any situation. He was aware and knowledgeable of the schools policies and consistent and fair in his dealings with the Camden students. They knew they could trust him in any situation. He takes a strong stance against bullying, and that led to a very positive and safe atmosphere in the Camden High School. Mr. Giardino has always taught with the belief that our children are our future.

As a former teacher, he will not only be a strong advocate for the students of the Rome School District but also a strong and supportive advocate for the teachers in the district.

Please take a few minutes to go cast your vote for Mr. Giardino on May 15. Rome schools will be very lucky to have him working to help your school system and your children. Because he is right, they are our future.

­ Mary Walker, 2904 Main St.,