MVCC opens college prep center in Utica

Mohawk Valley Community College is opening an Educational Opportunity Center in Utica, geared to increase adults’ college enrollment through community outreach and college preparation services.

The center’s opening, at 524 Elizabeth St., was announced by MVCC President Randall VanWagoner and Rep. Richard L. Hanna, R-24, Barneveld. The center is a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, according to MVCC.

Anyone can sign up for the center, with pre-applications available there or online at Call MVCC at 507-2776. The center will use community partnerships to connect with individuals who are not currently in college or may never have finished high school, and will serve an estimated 1,000 per year, said MVCC.

"This center ensures everyone has the opportunity to enter college, and that when they get there, they are prepared to succeed." said VanWagoner. "Increasing college enrollment puts more people on degree tracks that equip them to take control of the future. We’ve built a program that will start at the individual’s viewpoint, develop solutions to meet those unique goals, and place that person in a learning environment where they are now poised for success and can take that step towards a better life...."

Hanna said the new center will be "instrumental in assisting many non-traditional students with the opportunity of pursuing a higher education degree." The site is in the ongoing MVCC Education Center that is operated jointly by MVCC and Utica’s Municipal Housing Authority.