Facing charges after 100 MPH car chase


TOWN OF WESTMORELAND — A 26-year-old man is facing multiple charges for leading law enforcers on a more than 100 mph chase right to his front door.

Sheriff’s officials said Antonio Guerrero-Mendoza also had an illegal immigrant in his vehicle.

Deputies said Guerrero-Mendoza, of East Carter Road, was driving on Route 233 at 8 a.m. Sunday when his vehicle swerved over the yellow line and into oncoming traffic. A sheriff’s deputy was in that traffic and witnessed the erratic driving, and authorities said Guerrero-Mendoza was able to swerve back into his lane before colliding with the patrol car.

Then Guerrero-Mendoza hit the gas and took off down Route 233, with the deputy giving chase. Authorities said Guerrero-Mendoza sped up to more than 100 mph as he fled the officer, forcing two other vehicles off Route 233. No one was injured.

The chase came to an end when authorities said Guerrero-Mendoza pulled up to his own residence on East Carter Road. Guerrero-Mendoza tried to flee inside, and was then taken into custody by the deputy. Guerrero-Mendoza then registered a blood alcohol content of more than 0.18 percent.

Guerrero-Mendoza is charged with unlawfully fleeing a police officer, reckless operation, aggravated driving while intoxicated, speeding and other vehicle and traffic violations, authorities stated. He was arraigned and sent to county jail, and is scheduled to reappear in Village Court.

A passenger in Guerrero-Mendoza’s vehicle, whose identity was not released, was revealed to be an illegal immigrant, deputies stated. The immigrant was also sent to county jail without bail, and has been turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol.