Hanna named to highway bill reconciliation committee

Rep. Richard L. Hanna, R-24, Barneveld, says he’s been named to the joint Senate-House conference committee to hammer out an agreement on a new federal transportation bill .

The committee will be reconciling the House and Senate versions of the new national transportation funding bill.

Hanna is vice chairman of Highways and Transit Subcommittee on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. This is the first time Hanna has been on a conference committee. The freshman congressman was appointed by House Speaker John Boehner

Late last month President Barack Obama signed a three-month extension of a transportation bill to keep federal highway and transit aid flowing. The move prevents a widespread shutdown of construction projects. The Senate has passed a two-year, $109 billion transportation bill. The House has worked to pass a five-year bill to provide greater certainty to states and contractors.