Food service inspections

County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are health department ratings after recent inspections:


Restaurant conditions were found unsatisfactory.

FORT STANWIX ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 110 W. Linden St., March 9: Food worker handling sliced fruit with bare hands, corrected.

KNOCKOUT PIZZERIA AND RESTAURANT, 904 Eagle St., Utica, March 23: Food worker caught serving pizza slices to customer with bare hands, corrected; operating without a valid permit, valid permit not on display.

ARBY’S RESTAURANT, 1801 Genesee St., Utica, March 22: Ice scoop in ice, corrected; no thermometers in coolers, accurate thermometers not used or available to evaluate potentially hazardous food temps; grease spilled all over floors.


The following restaurants were previously found unsatisfactory. A reinspection was recently completed.

ARBY’S RESTAURANT, 1801 Genesee St., Utica, March 30: All previous violations corrected.

GRAPE N GROG, 85 Taberg Road, Camden, March 21: Ice machine still needs cleaning, corrected.


The following establishments were in substantial compliance with sanitary code. However, some violations were noted.

CINDERELLA’S SATELLITE, 306 Market St., March 6: Microwaves need cleaning, corrected.

CIANFROCCO’S SUBS AND WINGS, 235 E. Dominick St, March 8: Ventilation hoods need cleaning; area around, under pizza oven needs cleaning; shelves in food prep area need cleaning.

A7, 1034 Mohawk St., Utica, March 12: Floor near stove, fryers needs cleaning, corrected; Flat of eggs on counter in kitchen at 68°, corrected.

TONI’S PIZZERIA AND DELI, 401 Black River Blvd., March 13: small cooler needs cleaning, corrected.

O’DONNELL’S PUB AND GRILL, 715 Varick St., Utica, March 13: operating without valid permit, corrected.

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, Armory Drive, Utica, March 19: No thermometer in cooler, corrected.

NICKY AND JOHNNY’S THE BOAT, St. Route 5, Vernon, March 21: Raw ground beef stored above spaghetti in cooler, corrected; thermometer in fridge missing.

McDONALD’S AT WALMART, 710 Horatio St., Utica, March 21: Lights in storage room not shielded.

DUNKIN DONUTS, 31 Schyler St., Utica, March 22: No thermometers for two coolers.

ST. LOUIS GONZAGA CHURCH, 520 Rutger St., Utica, March 22: boxes of disposable plates, cups on floor; fish thawing on kitchen counter; operating without valid permit, corrected.

FRATELLI’S CAFE, Sangertown Square, New Hartford, March 27: Ice scoop stored in ice; two refrigerators missing thermometers; lights in storage area not shielded.

PIZZA HUT, 8400 Seneca TNPK, New Hartford, March 30: Valid permit not on display.


JOHN JOY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 8194 Bielby Road, March 6.

ROME SUBWAY, 204 E. Thomas St., March 6.

ONEIDA CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, 6075 Judd Road, Oriskany, March 8.

CLOUGH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 409 bell road, March 8.

SOUTH ROME SENIOR CENTER, 112 Ridge St., March 9.

THE CLOVER, 287 E. Dominick St., March 9.


AVA DORFMAN SENIOR CENTER, 305 E. Locust St., March 13.

IRON KETTLE COFFEE SHOP, 215 E. Dominick St., March 14.

BURGER KING, 106 Madison St., March 14.

THEA BOWMAN HOUSE, Inc, 731 Lafayette St., Utica, March 19.

WEST SIDE KITCHEN, 702 Columbia St., Utica, March 19.

UCP DAYCARE, 1601 Armory Drive, Utica, March 19.

UCP PRESCHOOL, 1601 Armory Drive, Utica, March 19.

JEFFERSON SCHOOL, Booth Street, Utica, March 20.

WATSON-WILLIAM SCHOOL, 107 Elmwood Pl., Utica, March 20.

JOHN F. HUGHES SCHOOL. Prospect St., Utica, March 20.

CONMED, 535 French Road, Utica, March 22.

ALL SEASONS ICE CREAM, 13 Ellingwood CT, New Hartford, March 25.

CHUCK E. CHEESE’S PIZZA, 4631 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, March 28.

SUBWAY, 4675 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, March 29.

THE OTHER GUYS, 4470 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, March 29.

EAST SIDE SENIOR CENTER, 675 Catherine St., Utica, March 30.

NEW DISCOVERIES LEARNING CENTER, 326 Catherine St., Utica, March 30.

NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER DAYCARE, 615 Mary St., Utica, March 30.

NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER, 616 Mary St., Utica, March 30.

FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES, 4666 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, March 30.