Advantage chopped by grocery

LESS AN ADVANTAGE ¿ Price Chopper is reducing the amount off each gallon of gas purchased when an Advantage Card is used at a gas pump. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

Price Chopper’s gasoline discount program will be scaled back in mid-May, the company announced.

The change is being made to the Fuel AdvantEdge program to shift to a focus on lower prices on groceries and better coupons.

Beginning Sunday, May 13, customers will earn 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent with their AdvantEdge card. Currently, the discount is 10 cents in fuel discounts for every $50 spent at Price Chopper.

All rewards will continue to be cumulative — throughout the transition and beyond — and can still be redeemed across the rest of the month in which they are earned plus 60 days. There are no other changes to the promotion, "though plans are in place to feature a significantly increased number of opportunities in the weekly circular to help customers earn bonus fuel rewards, through sale product tie-ins and ‘double points’ sales," Price Chopper noted in the announcement.

The Fuel AdvantEdge promotion was first tested in the chain’s Watertown store in 2007.

According to Price Chopper’s Executive Chairman of the Board, Neil Golub, customers have saved more than $250 million on gas since the promotion began. "But as much as they tell us they like Fuel AdvantEdge, they like saving money directly on their food bill even more," he added.

Several new and enhanced programs have begun over the last two weeks, all of which will be fully revealed in stores and in the circular on May 13, the company hinted.

"We can’t control the volatility of fuel pricing, but we can leverage more control over the cost of food pricing," said Jerry Golub, Price Chopper’s president and chief executive officer, "which is exactly what we’re doing by lowering thousands of prices throughout the store and giving our customers more ways to lower their food bill, while continuing to offer Fuel AdvantEdge rewards on every purchase they make in our stores."

Based in Schenectady, the Golub Corp. owns and operates 128 Price Chopper grocery stores in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.