Aqua Vita Farms due on BBC

SHERRILL — Aqua Vita Farms is part of a new BBC World News’ Horizons series that speaks to pioneers in the U.S. and The Netherlands about innovative ways to feed an expanding urban population.

The Horizons series is being aired on BBC World News April 28 and 29.

In his travels, business journalist Adam Shaw talked with Mark Doherty, founder of start-up Aqua Vita Farms, whose operation centers around aquaponics. This system combines growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil, and fish farming to produce not only salad crops, but also fish to sell to local consumers.

The operation is located in Oneida Ltd.’s former manufacturing facility off East Seneca Street. It holds an indoor ecosystem for the growing of lettuce, salad greens and basil, and raising of fish for market. Oneida Ltd. did silverware polishing in this building.

A film crew for BBC was at the year-old Aqua Vita in February.

State Agricultural Commissioner Darrl J. Aubertine and Assemblyman William D. Magee, D-111, Nelson, toured Aqua Vita April 9.