Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

511-513 Calvert St., City of Rome to Kirk N. Spencer and Leo R. Capoccia III, $2,063 ($4,900).

601 W. Dominick St., City of Rome to Kirk N. Spencer and Leo R. Capoccia III, $23,166 ($75,300).

615 W. Embargo St., Kevin McMahon to Bryant Property Mgt. LLC, $56,000 ($67,700).

620 S. George St., Jeffery Burney to Debra Brown, $40,000 ($31,400).

339 N. Doxator Ave., Michael A. Rossi and Holli A. Murphy (f/k/a Rossi) to Mark D. Vosburgh, $74,400 ($57,600).

1208 Cedarbrook Drive, Reginald D. and Shirley Sanborn to Waltraud M. Sanborn, $1 ($59,400).

1319 Franklyn St., Beth Ann Hinson-McGregor to Fernanda and Mary Ann Giardino, and Ryan Danielski, $40,000 ($54,100).

527 Millbrook Road, City of Rome to Jerry L. Howard Jr., $14,000 ($15,000).

Elmer Hill Road, vacant land, City of Rome to Alfred J. Sestito, $6,755 ($20,000).

Elmer Hill Road, vacant land, Alfred J. Sestito to Patrick D. Surace, $35,000 ($20,000).

1253 Erie Boulevard West, Dominick and Linda M. Cianfrocco to Ricky’s Tire and Auto Center, $300,000 ($222,700)

7581 Gifford Road, James A. Giafforey to Patrick and Julia Noti, $63,600 ($50,700).

6389 Lot 14-B Ironwood Drive, James J. Cilente to Kenneth S. and Marie A. Peelman, $18,900 ($58,000).

7991 Brookside Drive, Louis T. Giardino Jr. to Reo M. and Lila S. Peniston, $189,000 ($94,300).

515 N. Jay St., Ruth V. Nichols to Meader G. and Norma J. Pattington, $35,000 ($66,928).

1008 N. George St., Shannon S.C. Talbot to Diane M. Talbot, $1 ($122,200).

7629 Rome Oriskany Road, Charles A. and Brenda L. Capeland to Anthony T. Fabbio III, $106,000 ($73,000).

6333 Overhill Drive, Daisy M. Clinton to David J. and Jennifer C. DeVincenzo, $65,700 ($75,600)

702 S. James St., City of Rome to William Bortiatynski, $919 ($3,000).

114 W. Embargo St., Bryan W. DeCarolis to WD Housing and Holding LLC, $24,900 ($48,300).

110 Stanwix Street, John Wuthrich IV to WD Housing and Holding LLC, $39,500 ($25,000).

931 W. Thomas St., Nathan and Beverly Sellers to Scott Parsons, $1,100 ($64,700).

109 E. Bloomfield St., Esteban and Vilma Reyes to Renzo Infantes, $33,000 ($56,900).

520 W. Dominick St., Barney’s Lounge Inc. to Lawrence Boulay, $29,700 ($70,000).

7297 Seifert Road, Jerold J. Carpenter to Randall and Krista Urtz, $1 ($28,500).

145 N. Crescent Drive, Bonny R. Rizzuto, executrix, estate of Mary I. Edick, to Bonny R. and Joseph A. Rizzuto and Krispen Dorfman, $63,000 ($63,000).

300 Bell Road, Constance A. and Christine M. Simiele, Debra A. Porath and Toni Lynn Dibb to Matthew A. Marino, $38,000 ($44,000).

7328 Rome Oriskany Road, Mary (aka Maria) E. Lopez to Matthew J. Weber, $90,000 ($71,000).

810 Bradford Drive, Knu-Tay LLC to Michelle H. Tuttle, $65,000 ($42,900).

6033 Lorena Road, Terry N. and Jane E. Young to Jeffrey Rouillier and Sharron Puglio, $60,000 ($80,000).

209 Hamilton St., Gary A. Jones executor, estate of Shirley M. Jones, to Christopher R. Cary and Nicole M. Felitto $52,470 ($35,300).

7153 Brennan Ave., City of Rome to Bank of America, $3,000 ($1,000).

903 DeWitt Lane, estate of Margery W. Clemens to John A. and Judith A. Wheeler, $68,000 ($52,100).

6600 Bishopp Road, George D. Crego Jr. to Arthur V. and Denise M. Fusco, $78,00 ($64,100).

6598 Seville Drive, Lindsay R. Gulla to Robert G. Jr. and Lindsay R. Gulla, $1 ($68,400).

700 W. Embargo St., Elaine Genovese to Ronald J. Kapfer, $37,500 ($33,700).

606 Parry St., Bryan W. DeCarolis and John Wuthrick IV to WD Housing and Holding LLC, $39,500 ($34,000).

7201 Cemetery Road, Scott W. Hoag to Matthew R. and Caresse A. Schwock, $111,300 ($46,100).