By STEVE JONES Staff writer

As part of its plan to keep one drive-in theater screen open next door to its new car dealership, the Davidson Management Group will be in front of the Planning Board at its 7 p.m. meeting Tuesday at City Hall.

The business is seeking support for environmental and site plan reviews. The company is proposing to relocate the West Rome Drive-In theater to an alternate location on the parcel at 5905 Rome-Taberg Road. The plan is to move the screen to the north side of the parcel. The rest of the complex will be the dealership, the body shop and a car wash.

Also new on the agenda of the five-member volunteer board are the environmental and site plan reviews for a plan submitted by P.J. Uvanni Holdings to construct a 3,500 square foot one-story car wash with landscaping and lighting at 5817 Rome-Taberg Road.

There are two previously tabled items on the agenda as well, both regarding sites in the Griffiss Business and Technology Park.

In April, the board tabled a request by Griffiss Park Suites, 80 Geiger Road, for a ruling that a non-transient hotel — where occupants stay at least 31 days — is a suitable use in the zone, which allows for dormitories but not non-transient hotels. A key difference between the two hotel types is that the long-term facility can have stoves, which the owner intends to install.

Of the 90 units, 82 are renovated and rented already, but occupants have told the developers they would have to move out soon if there aren’t cooking facilities installed, they said at the April meeting.

The board can allow the change without further approvals or it could require the owner to submit a site plan.

Also in April, the board approved a use determination — a request from Griffiss Utilities Supply Corp. to install a biomass boiler system with steam turbine generator and interconnect it with existing natural gas boilers at 655 Ellsworth Road. GUSC officials will be back in front of the board, however, because they need environmental and site plan reviews for the project.