Talent show aids Cancer Society

CAMDEN — Saturday at 7 p.m. the Camden High School National Honor Society hosts its annual Talent Show "The Camden Community Has Talent."

There is no cost to attend, but donations will be accepted at the door. The students have voted to contribute all monies collected that evening to the American Cancer Society.

Students, faculty, and community members will perform.

The tentative program:

Danielle Caringi, Violin

Seth Adams and Matt Mitchell, Piano and Guitar

Samantha Brown, Shelby Maas, and Meghan Marin, Piano/Singing

Taylor Mastin, Singing

Keely Butts, Singing

Grinnell Family, Singing/Guitar

Kelsey Munz, Harp

Mrs. Walsh and Mr. Carver, Singing/Guitar

Olivia Staelens, Tap Dancing

Queen Village Quartet, Strings

Shelby Maas, Ashton Snyder, and Dakota Ryerson, Singing/Guitar

Matt Mitchell and Chris Calabrese, Sax Duet

Caitlyn Linares and Matt Mitchell, Guitar Duet

Cassandra Dolan, Singing

Sophie Marin, Singing with goat

Shelby Maas and Dakota Ryerson, Singing/Guitar

Guest Speaker , Jennifer

Evan Kessler, Singing

Samantha Dominie, Singing.

Mrs. Hughes, Piano

Mecca Underwood and Mr. Carver, Singing

Andrea DePasquale, Singing

Seth Adams and Brianna McNamara, Singing/Guitar

Ashley Button, Acro Dance

Johnny Bajnoczy, Singing

Meg Marin and Caitlyn Linares, Singing/Guitar

Matt Mitchell, Guitar

Caitlyn Linares and Dakota Ryerson, Singing/Guitar

Seth Adams, Piano

Dance Troop Motha, Dance

Mrs. Walsh and Mr. Carver, Singing and Guitar