Breastfeeding class slated

Rome Memorial Hospital is hosting a free breastfeeding class at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the hospital’s classroom to help mothers-to-be recognize the benefits of breastfeeding and give them the encouragement to overcome some of the obstacles.

No advance signup is needed. Meet the instructor in the hospital North James Street entrance lobby for directions to the classroom.

The speaker, Sandy Graichen, R.N., is a maternity nurse at the hospital with children. She has many years of experience helping new moms learn how to breastfeed.

"Most of today’s new mothers do not have role models to help them and encourage them to breastfeed," said Mrs. Graichen.

She will address the myths and the benefits for mother and baby. She will also discuss preparations for breastfeeding, positioning the baby, proper latching techniques, and dealing with problems. She will also provide information about pumping and storing breast milk.

The free class will also feature a breastfeeding video, a display of breastfeeding products, several information sheets to help reinforce the material presented, and a list of people to turn to for support.

For information, call 338-7143.