Retreat Center offers programs

SYRACUSE — Christ the King Retreat Center, 500 Brookford Road, offers programs on sanctuary, married couples and "Letting Go."

Call 446-2680 for reservations.

"Finding Sanctuary" ­ Finding Spiritual Space and Peace in Our Busy, Modern World is Saturday, April 21 from 6 ­ 9 p.m. This series of talks is based on the book "Finding Sanctuary" by Abbot Christopher Jamison.

Valentine’s Day for Married Couples continues Tuesday, April 24 from 6 ­ 9 p.m. with a relaxed evening, guided by Fr. Donald H. Karlen and Mike and Andrea Buckley.

"Letting Go ­ Letting God" is Thursday, April 26 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s a day of recollection for those who are sick, terminal, been hurt deeply, or have loved ones who are, and for those who are frightened, worried, feel powerless, and wonder why God sometimes seems like an absentee landlord presented by Fr. Francis Pompei, OFM.

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