AmeriCU CEO selected
for state advisory board

Mark Pfisterer, president and chief executive officer of the Rome-based AmeriCU Credit Union, has been named a one of the nine members of the new State Charter Advisory Board which will advise the superintendent on ways to promote the state chartered banking system.

The board’s creation was authorized last year with the enactment of the Financial Services Law used to establish the Department of Financial Services. Under the Financial Services Law, the Advisory Board will be responsible for retaining existing state chartered banks, encouraging federally chartered banks to change to state charters and promoting the state banking system.

The appointments to the new board include bankers representing banks with assets ranging from $3 billion to less than $500 million, and reflecting a range of locations across the state. In addition, there is one representative from a credit union, one from a foreign bank and one representative of consumer interests.

The board’s members, each appointed by the superintendent to a three-year term, will serve without compensation. The board will meet at least three times a year.